Rice Krispie Wedding Cake

Rice Krispie Wedding Cake

Thought I’d share the Rice Krispie Wedding Cake I made for my sons post wedding celebration!

rice krispie cake IMG_5865

Since we had a traditional cake at the actual wedding, we decided to go with something different and fun that everyone would love!!!

And, everyone LOVES rice krispie treats!!!


I purchased a 3 pan set of Wilton cake pans and proceeded to make A LOT of rice krispie treats!


I used 9 packages of marshmallows and 4 large boxes of cereal to complete the whole cake!



To finish it off, I used some ribbon I purchased at Hobby Lobby and trimmed the bottoms of each layer.  This was super simple….the ribbon just stuck to the marshmallows and stayed in place with no trouble!


I finished with some plastic mini pumpkins and leaves I found in the dollar aisle at Target!

I can imagine this cake for the holidays or a wedding/baby shower….any celebration where you need to feed a large group!

rice krispie cake IMG_5865

Super easy and it was a big hit!!!

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  1. How did you ever think this one up Angela??! So inventive!

  2. OMGOSH, Angela. What a cute, and creative, idea! I just love it and I bet everyone thought it was great! Congrats again to the kids- xo Diana

  3. Well how fun!! That’s a lot of rice krispy treats for sure, but a really great idea and you are right…everybody loves rice krispy treats!

  4. How beautiful and clever!!!….and my son loves Rice Krispie treats too….never thought to make a cake out of them!

  5. Yummy! And a boon for those who try to avoid wheat.

  6. How early did you make this up? My son wants it for his wedding as he does not like cake. And I have been volunteered to make it for them. I worry that it will dry out to fast.

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