Do you decorate your “pit”?

Do you decorate your “pit”?

Living in South Texas, we only use our fireplace about 1 week out of the year (just kidding!!)! However, we do use it rather sparingly!!  I’d say all total days used equals about a month, so it basically just sits there for 11 months as an unused, ugly piece of prime real estate in my living room just waiting for a decor lift!  So, every year around this time, I clean out the lovely “pit”…


…and throw down a lovely piece of remnant fabric that is black with a goldish/silver shimmer to it on the base of the “pit” to cover up all the “UGLY”!!!


Then I add a mirror to the back (again to hide the ugly, plus it reflects back in the room for my lamp to bounce off of!  Yes, I did say LAMP!).


Doesn’t everyone put a lamp in their fireplace???  Well, I do! Otherwise, my “pit” is dark and difficult to see.  By illuminating it, everything shows even when the glass doors are closed!  So, a small lamp is added, chord disguised and covered up (cause NO ONE likes ugly chords)!


Then I just add whatever feels right at the time!  The large gold mercury glass globe has an automatic timer candle in it that illuminates at night and sets off a nice glow along with the lamp!

So, what do you think?  Do you decorate your “pit”?  If so, how?

Have a great week!

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  1. Angela,

    We have gas fireplaces (I’m sitting in front of one right now)! So there’s no mess!


  2. Angela,

    We have gas fireplaces (I’m sitting in front of one right now)! So there’s not really any mess!



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