“Piddlin” & “Tweakin”

“Piddlin” & “Tweakin”

I’ve been “piddlin” and “tweakin” again……..


Remember when I bought the “odd little door to nowhere” and I put it here…..


…..I covered up the light switch to the pantry by placing it there but I thought I solved that problem by purchasing a light socket with a pull chain!



After a week, my hubby pulled on the chain and pulled the light right out of the ceiling!

He gave me that look (you know what I mean, right?) but quietly fixed it for me while I just batted my pretty blues at him! ;)

Then, about a week later, it happened again…..only this time, I pulled the light out of the ceiling!!

I knew I had to come up with a better idea…..

so I moved my “odd little door to nowhere”…..

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