New lamp for the Porch

New lamp for the Porch

In my quest to perfect my Summer Porch, I decided I needed a new lamp!


Although I love my bird lamp, (and he will be back), he did not go with my color scheme!


So, off to Goodwill I went in hopes of finding a lamp for cheap that I could paint!

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More Rubber Boots!!!

More Rubber Boots!!!

I don’t know why but I have acquired this “fetish” for rubber boots!!

Maybe it’s from growing up in Oregon where it rains  A LOT and now, living in Texas where it rains VERY LITTLE, it reminds me of my childhood!

Do you remember last year when I took a pair of my husbands old rubber work boots, painted them and turned them into planters…….


…….and this year when I found these lovely beauties at the thrift store and added some faux flowers for the front porch.

IMG_7756 IMG_7783

They’ve moved to the side porch as they didn’t really go with my theme but I really longed for more boots so, I found the cutest little pair of children’s galoshes on Ebay for $3!


Aren’t they adorable????!!!!

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Summer “wreaths”!

Summer “wreaths”!

I can’t believe it’s already June!

Only 6 months until Christmas!!

I know, I know!!!


Been working on the summer front porch and wanted to show you some progress!


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Getting the porch ready for summer

Getting the porch ready for summer

It’s time for a change on the front porch.

As you know, I like to change it up with every season or special holiday.

Last summer, I had it looking like this………..

IMG_4630 IMG_4641

If you’d like to see more, you can see the whole thing HERE!


This year I’ve decided to go a different route………

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