Non Traditional 4th of July!!

Non Traditional 4th of July!!

I know, I know……traditional Fourth of July decorations are all about Red, White and Blue and flags everywhere!

Trust me, I’m as American as they come! :)

My hubby served for 26 years in the military…..I definitely have American pride!!

In fact, I like to show it on my front porch beginning right around Memorial Day!

Hubby and I ate a wonderful 4th of July dessert in mason jars on that very porch and I’m sure we will again come the big day!!!

BUT, I’m getting honest here………

Although I love looking at traditional decorations in other homes, I don’t really decorate the inside of my home with red, white and blue!


I take more of a non-traditional approach!! :) Here’s my mantel…..


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A Patriotic Porch

A Patriotic Porch

I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy…….

A Yankee Doodle do or die……..


Have you got the song stuck in your head now?

You’re Welcome!! :)

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