Tiny “Baubles”

Tiny “Baubles”

I’ve been at it again………………

……..remember when I added magnets to faux flowers and added them to lamp shades?

If not, you can see that post HERE!

This time, I’m using old button covers!


Remember when button covers were all the rage?  Not so much anymore, right? So, they’re easy to find at thrift stores and flea markets!

I picked up these at the thrift store I volunteer at!  I bought the whole zip loc bag for $3!


For today’s project, I’m working with these five!


Please excuse the blurry picture.  My older hands just ain’t sturdy anymore and hubby was nowhere to be found to take the picture for me!

I removed the button cover “attachment” from the back of the button by using a sharp knife and “popping” it off!


These were very simple to remove as they were just hot glued on.


Once I popped them off, I hot glued a magnet (you know how I love my magnets!) to the back of the button cover.


That’s It!!!  Another EASY PEASY!


Here is my victim for these new magnets…….


This lamp is situated in the middle of my living room and you can see this seam when you walk into the house!


By simply adding the magnets to the seam by placing another magnet on the inside of the shade gave my lamp a finished look!



Think of the possibilities!

I took one button and added a magnet to it and “popped” it on my antique scale.


 I didn’t need a second magnet as the scale is metal and the magnet stuck to it just fine!


 I love the vintage look and how it changes the look “just a little”.


Don’t forget you can embellish with brooches too! I picked this one up at the Thrift Store too.


I just pinned it to my lampshade in my laundry room!


Remember, it’s all in the details!!

Hope you’re having a fantastic day!



  1. Doreen@househoneys :

    Ok, this is spooky! I just picked up some magnets on Friday at Michaels with the intent of doing something just like this! Great minds my friend…great minds.


  2. Thanks Angela I will try this !!!

  3. shirley@housepitalitydesigns :

    Love that idea!…looks so beautiful…and you are right…it’s all about the details!

  4. Oh yes, I remember! These new ones are just darling Angela. Such a creative idea!

  5. Love this! Thanks for the ideas! I will be looking for them now.

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