This post brought to you by the letter “R”!

This post brought to you by the letter “R”!

This is going to be a very, very short post!


Because I forgot to take pictures of the “during” process!  I get so frustrated with myself when I do that!!! I just get rolling on something and the next thing I know, I’m done…….without pictures!!

Oh, well.  I think you’ll get the gist of my project anyway!!


I love the trend of initials in design and I’ve been keeping my eye out for one that met my “criteria”!

I hadn’t had much luck til I was in a craft store recently and wandered down the “clearance-80% off” aisle!

There she was…………


She was the perfect size, font shape and thickness I wanted.  But not the right color!  So I got out my Annie Sloan paint in country grey and gave her two coats and one coat of dark wax!


She looks almost like leather now but she was a little flat and needed some bling! (of course)!!!

I started applying upholstery tacks around the edge and ran out so I hung it on the wall so I could live with it a couple of days.

I really liked the finishing touch of the tacks but they were still too “dull”  so I purchased some shiny brass ones!!!



IMG_8351 IMG_8346

I love how it “pops” now!  Just enough bling!!!

Morale of this story…..never judge a book by its cover and most important…..

remember to take pictures when you’re doing a project!!

Until next time……..





  1. Love it! You know how some people are lucky with gambling, well, you are lucky with those clearance and sale racks! Beautiful job!

  2. Danni@SiloHillFarm :

    I love it! And…I love that picture hanging under it!

  3. Oh I love the bling you added to it. I have some yet to be painted, wooden initials too, but could not decide how to go with them. I am going shopping online to see if I can find some shiny tacks or wondering if thumb tacks will be as cute?

  4. Love the “R” especially since it’s the first letter in my name and I’m sure I could find a place for something so unique!

  5. Doreen Sargente :

    You have a knack for finding fabulous deals Angela! Really, 80% off?! Can I hang out and shop with you?

    So what does the ‘R’ stand for? Racy, raunchy, risqué? I know it’s not Ryder ;).


  6. Love this project Angela! it looks like leather and fits in so well with your gallery wall.

  7. shirley@housepitalitydesigns :

    Just love it…been looking for ideas for a similar project….thanks for the inspiration!

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