Summer in the backyard!!

Summer in the backyard!!

It’s HOT here people.

Like really, really, really, REALLY HOT!!!

But, that is summer in South Texas, right!!??!!!

Thank goodness we have had a little more rain than usual this summer and the backyard is loving it!  I thought I’d give you a little look at what we’ve been doing every weekend in the HOT sun!

Did I mention it is really HOT here!!!



I’m going to keep comments very brief and let the pictures tell the story!!

IMG_7983 IMG_8210

My “pot tower”! Notice the upside down wine bottle?  Great way to water (it works like those water globes we’ve all seen)!


The “fountain turned planter” is flourishing well this year!

IMG_8207 IMG_8206


I was a bit worried about the floral mixture I placed in this new planter I picked up at a thrift shop, but they’re also doing great!


Our patio hasn’t changed much….just added some palms.

IMG_7995 IMG_8221

When the evenings cool slightly (and I mean slightly) we play a game or two of our DIY adult size Jenga game!


Remember our  DIY Pallet Swing?


Hubby added an attached stool this weekend!!! So much easier to get up on it and rest our feet!  More on that to come!!

A couple of my favorite “newbies”!  My patio rose is doing well and still surviving the HOT Texas sun!


I have no idea the name of this plant but I love it!  The color is so dramatic and beautiful amongst all the green!


This is a fun little project I threw together!  We took off our back screen doors because our doggies loved tearing up the screens!  So, I just placed one on the patio wall and added a wall planter hanging from a hook and chain!  Something a “little kooky“, but fun!

So that’s the backyard for now!

I hope you’re all finding ways to keep cool!!!


We tend to sit in here……


Most would call this a “HOT” tub, but the temperature’s been turned off since April!  It’s our mini “COOL POOL“!!!

Did I mention it’s HOT here!!!!

Until next time……



  1. Beautiful!! I love it all!

  2. So inviting! You have a green thumb for sure and the screen door idea is cool.

  3. All your plants are lovely and very healthy looking and I love your COOL place. How does the wine bottle watering system work? I have some old wine bottles and would like to do this.

  4. Doreen Sargente :

    For a second I thought you were trying to get your plants drunk ;).

    You certainly have a green thumb Angela! You have lots of interesting plants and whimsical items to enhance them with. I’m probably going to pick your brain next year when I finally get serious about our yard at the cabin.


  5. Theora Thompson :

    The plant you didn’t have a name, is a croton plant. They are quite colorful.

  6. shirley@housepitalitydesigns :

    I love seeing your gorgeous back yard….love everything about it…and I want to try my hand at that tower pot!…Stay cool in the “cool tub”…

  7. Danni@SiloHillFarm :

    It all looks beautiful! I still have a crush on your pallet swing!

  8. You have almost all of my very favorite plants. I think that one you do not know the name of is a Hawaiian Good Luck Plant Cordyline Terminalis, sometimes called a Ti??? Guessing you know, but we have them here if it is…. love it too.

  9. You have a gorgeous outdoor space Angela. It’s been hot here too, trust me!

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