Tips & Ideas–Thinking Outside the Box

Tips & Ideas–Thinking Outside the Box

As y’all know, I’m a huge lover of silver and silver-plate and love to use it when I entertain, so, I pick it up whenever I find it at a good price.

Since I’m starting to accumulate quite a collection, I decided to look for other ways to use some of my pieces.

“Thinking outside of the box” type of thing!


I picked up this beautiful sugar and creamer set with its own tray at an estate sale.


It was quite tarnished and the sugar bowl was missing its lid.


But they all polished up very nicely and the details are beautiful!!!

Now, what to do with it?????

I like to have my coarse salt and cracked pepper in cups next to my stove ready to toss into my cooking. (I think it’s from being an Emeril fan and quietly saying “BAM” when I add it to my recipes!!)


So, I turned my cream and sugar tray into a salt and pepper station and it sits on my stove, at the ready, when I need it!


It adds a bit of class and is an unexpected touch that catches the eyes of my guests.



I picked up another cream and sugar set at a thrift store and this time the sugar bowl had a lid!


My skin is very dry so I use a heavy cream lotion everyday………


……but the containers aren’t very attractive, so, I spooned out the lotion into the sugar bowl!


I placed it on my bathroom counter!  Now, it looks attractive and is right at hand when I need it!


I love the silver with the wicker and black iron clock.  Lots of texture and bling!!!


It’s fun to try to think of other uses for things other than what they were originally intended for!!  Try to let your imagine run wild…….

I love flowers in a silver vase but a vintage martini shaker works just as well!!!

IMG_8026 IMG_7932

A small porcelain sugar bowl (again with no lid) holds my toothpicks!!


Finally, I picked up a couple of porcelain egg coddlers at a local thrift shop.


But my plan was not to use them for coddled eggs……


They sit on my nightstand and hold my medication I have to take at bedtime.


They’re so much nicer looking than pill bottles, don’t ya think??!!


So, as you’re looking around your house or shopping out and about, and you see something that makes you think “oh, I already have one”, or “what would I do with that?”, try to think outside of the box!

 Possibilities are endless.

Until next time……..



  1. I like your out of box thinking Angela. Great

  2. Clare Godleski :

    Love your ideas but hate the thought of polishing silver. Any thoughts on that? Any easy way to preserve that shiny look without all of the work? Thanks!

  3. Danni@SiloHillFarm :

    Wow, you really did think outside the box…and in such a beautiful way! I think you’ve inspired me to take some of my everyday containers up a notch! Thank you!

  4. shirley@housepitalitydesigns :

    You are quite the clever one!….love how you repurposed the silver and the cups!….what beautiful ways to store every day things!!…Love it!

  5. Doreen Sargente :

    You got yourself some pretty good finds there m’lady! You fixed them up puurdy good too ;).

    Now I know where to store Fisherman’s Viagra! lol

  6. Great finds and great ideas! I love that vintage martini shaker.

  7. I love the silver too! Does look good with the cream inside! And who would guess it holds S&P?!! Easy cleans for me: wipe with silver polish cloth before it is all tarnished. Does not take long either. If silver is tarnished, I did the Pinterest line sink with foil recipe and boiling water etc and it worked. For small items I used recipe and foil in my biggest pot that came with my stainless steel cook set. It is easy and fast. And I still like my Wrights paste which is so easy and quick. Don’t let silver scare you!!!
    And to some nowadays, the tarnished silver look is in!!

  8. justuscritters :

    All great uses. I love that antique martini shaker. I would have to use that for an actual martini…… but then I would never get anything else accomplished. Although it would be fun to invite some girl friends for a cocktail and have them sleep over…… husbands ehhh?? I guess they could be the designated drivers for one time? lol lol

  9. Katherines Corner :

    Angela, I love your bits of silver. But I am over the moon about your use of the coddlers. xo

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