Blogland Tour Continues!!

Hi Y’all!!!

Hope everyone had a fabulous 4th of July filled with tons of food, good people and fireworks!!


Today, I am so thrilled to be participating in a blog tour!  I was invited by Maria Elena at Our Home Away From Home.

I have been following Maria Elena’s blog for some time now.  Her home is beautiful and her style is right up my alley.  She has tremendous talent (as does her husband) and they are continually enhancing and beautifying their home!  She also hosts a weekly link party called Tuesday’s At Our Home.  It is a wonderful party which is always full of fabulous inspiration and blogs to follow!  The other thing I love about Maria Elena is she’s just down the road from me in San Antonio so that makes us “kindred spirits”!!

Be sure to check out her blog and link up to her party.  You’ll be so glad you did!!

Now on to the tour!!


There are four questions I’ve been asked to answer.

1.  What are you working on right now?

Nothing Major!! LOL!!  My husband and I usually take on an outdoor project every summer (in the dead of Texas heat…..I know, we’re crazy!) and this spring he asked me what I thought we should work on this year.


My answer?  Nothing!  Let’s just take this time and enjoy the fruits of our labor from previous summers.  So, we’re just tweaking here and there and enjoying our little slice of heaven.

IMG_5281 IMG_5363

Indoors, I have a lot of projects in my head to complete (don’t we all?).  I’m entering a new phase of decorating where I want everything to be lighter in my home including my walls which right now tend to be dark.


 So, when the weather gets too warm to be outside anymore, I plan to paint, paint, paint!  The foyer will get a new look as well as the dining room and maybe even the game room!

IMG_1633 IMG_2325

  We shall see if all my “visions” come to life as quickly as I want!!  This 50ish body just doesn’t move as quickly as it use to! LOL!!

2.  How does my work differ from others in this genre?

This is a tough one!!  I think we’re all similar in that we love our homes and want to share what we create in hopes that others will receive some inspiration from it.  Where we differ is our take on what we love or makes us “tick”.  I believe that’s why we all love each other so much because even though one vision may not fit our entire style, there’s always some inspiration to love and learn from someone else.

3.  Why do I write/create what I do?

Because I love it and it gives me a sense of satisfaction.  I love the world of blogging!!  I have met such wonderful women who possess the same desires as I do.  It’s given me a connection to people who I would never have met before.  You have instant friends without ever even meeting them in person and if you do get the opportunity to meet them personally, it’s like finding your long-lost best friend!! Writing about what I do is not easy for me but I find the more I work at it, the easier it becomes!

4.  How does your writing/creating process work?

This one made me laugh out loud!  I know I’m supposed to be organized and have my thoughts and plans in order and scheduled and figured out but, I DON’T!  I wing it, basically.  I’ll have different projects in mind and work to fulfill them, then, share them with all of you.  This is one area I am really striving to improve on as I know it will make the process run much more smoothly.  Quite honestly, I did not realize how much work went into blogging until I “jumped” in!  But, it has challenged me at a time in my life when I needed it and I wouldn’t change a thing!

Well, that’s totally enough about me!

I want to introduce you to a couple of  wonderful blogging friends of mine that I know you will love as much as I do!

1.  Jann at Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson

Jann is one of the sweetest ladies I know and was one of the first bloggers to make me feel welcome into blogland!  She is a mother of 5 and grandmother of 6. Spending time in the garden, decorating her home, and hunting for vintage treasures are some of her favorite things to do. Of course she loves being with her family and traveling with her dear hubby. She hosts a link party on her blog ‘Share Your Cup Thursday. It’s all about sharing the things that make you happy. Happy things help to ‘fill our cups’. You will find such wonderful blog links and inspiration there.  I highly encourage you to check it out!!

2.  Lynn at Fern Avenue

Lynn is another darling blogger!  We sparked a friendship on-line over basketball!! I know, of all things!!  She was born & raised in Texas and moved up North to New York in 2002 (you can take the girl out of Texas, but you can never take Texas out of the girl)!!  She’s married to the love of her life with 2 little girls (4 & 6). She enjoys refinishing furniture & breathing new life into something old. She even has her own little shop call On Fern Avenue in the Newburgh Vintage Emporium.  Should you ever find yourself in her neck of the woods, definitely check her out!  Her talent is amazing!!!

Well, that concludes my little tour today!

I’d like to thank Maria Elena of Our Home Away From Home again for inviting me!!

I sincerely hope you check these ladies out! I promise, you will not be disappointed!!

Until next time……



  1. Wonderful blog tour, Angela! Thank you for your kind words. Loved learning a little more about yourself. I am off to visit the other bloggers. Enjoy your day! Hugs, Maria

  2. Thank you so much for having me here!! Your outdoor space is one of my favorites and I always enjoy seeing it & how you decorate for each holiday!! So happy the Spurs are around :)
    Big giant Texas hugs!!!

  3. Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG :

    What a great tour! I am a fan of Lynn over @ Fern Avenue but thanks for introducing me to Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olsen. It’s great to find new blogs!

  4. shirley@housepitalitydesigns :

    Loved the tour and the answers to the questions!…I never tire of that gorgeous patio area!!!!…

  5. Doreen Sargente :

    Loved it Angela!


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