Pom Pom Heart Wreath!

Pom Pom Heart Wreath!

PomPom Heart Wreath

It’s almost February!

Can you believe it!

I decided a new valentines craft was in order……..Continue reading

Winter Porch

Winter Porch

I finally finished my Winter Porch…….

…..will probably tweak it next week for Valentine’s Day!!


Like many others, I’m beginning to embrace the feeling of barrenness after the holidays and decided to keep it that way on the porch

I found some simple green fabric with tiny white flowers and created some pillows!

IMG_6836 IMG_6834 IMG_6829

I really like the green against the black and white!


I found this beautiful pine cone fabric….


It’s hard to tell in the pictures, but the pinecones are traced in gold….



Finished off my fresh cedar door swags with a couple of simple bows!


Also added a simple throw to the swing!!!


Just right for winter, I think!

Today, I heard the birds chirping……

a sure sign that spring is just around the corner!!



Until next time……..


Winter Decorating with Fresh Greenery

Winter Decorating with Fresh Greenery

I always find it difficult to decorate for Winter……

I’m over the holiday look………not ready for Valentines yet!

So, I looked around outside while I was driving to try to find some inspiration. Remember, I live in South Texas so there’s not much blooming or alive in the winter.  The grass goes dormant and looks dead, there are no blooms to be found and everything just looks tired.

Then it dawned on me the cedar trees are still green and I happen to have one in my front yard!! My “aha” moment!!


So, in trying to keep things simple and cost down to a bare minimum (two of my secret resolutions for this year!), I stepped outside and cut a few stems and tucked them in here and there!

The kitchen is where the foliage found its home……….


I simply placed a large stem in my jug bottle and called it good!


The dark green color of the cedar along with the boxwood wreath compliments each other nicely!

Next, I placed a few sprigs in a vase with some fake snow and a stem of silver balls.

IMG_6790 IMG_6791

 My white pitcher got the same treatment, with an extra sprig of frosted greenery……

IMG_6811 IMG_6810

….along with my cow creamer!


I love the dark green with white and silver!  Winter in my book!!!


I even made two swags for the front doors to keep things lively!

IMG_6855 IMG_6856


I’ll be adding bows today and completing my winter porch next week!

So remember, when your stumped for ideas, look around at nature and see what’s alive and colorful!  Your decorations may just be in your front yard!!

Until next time!




A Little Vignette

A Little Vignette

I love creating vignettes!! 

Especially when they tell a story!


Let me tell you the story of this vignette….Continue reading

A New Year of FAITH!

A New Year of FAITH!

Hello everyone!!!

Did you think I disappeared in the land of forgotten blogs??!!!

I apologize for being away so long…..the holidays became crazy for me, with family visiting from out-of-state so I decided to make them and my sanity a priority!


But the new year is upon us and I’m ready to roll!!

I’ve noticed over the past few years of reading blogs that a lot of bloggers choose a word to help motivate or guide them throughout the year.

Honestly, when I first saw this tradition, I thought, “that’s not for me”!  But, as the new year presented itself to me, it spoke to me as well.

Although 2013 was a beautiful year with the marriage of our son, the year just wasn’t a positive one in my life and I’m so hoping the new year will be better.  While I’ve been gathering my thoughts about where I want to go in 2014 with the blog and my life, I found myself asking for guidance from my higher being.

Then it presented itself…..in more ways than one….in the same day!

F A I T HContinue reading