Before and After-Candlesticks

Before and After-Candlesticks

I love a good before and after, don’t you??


I especially love them when they are quick, easy and inexpensive!!

My “before” candlesticks…….


Although not my colors, for $1 a piece, I couldn’t pass them up!

After a little chalk paint….


…..and a little dark wax….


they were ready to go!

I set them on my stairway along with my other faux candles….


I just love candlelight, especially in the evening….


Then, reality set in!  You see, I have 2 dogs and a cat!

(Can you see where I’m going with this?)


Real candles on my stairs is just an accident waiting to happen!!

So, on to plan B….

…..and another before/after!

Yes, that’s right…….it’s a twofer!!!


I have these two faux greenery orbs….


I replaced the candles with them…..


I like the scale but the color just wasn’t right, so….

….have you ever painted faux greenery orbs?

Me either!!!

….til now!


I figured “what have I got to lose”!  If I hate it, I can always spray paint them back to green!

So, I got out my trusty Krylon spray paint in Satin Nickel



They came out great!


I put them back on my new candlesticks and the color was perfect!


After a little “tweakin” and rearranging…..

IMG_4932 IMG_4934 IMG_4938

I’m so happy I decided to paint them!

I think I’ll be able to use them during the holidays, too!


So, let’s look at the before and after…….



IMG_4887 IMG_4894

Not bad for a $2 investment!

I’m always amazed what a little paint can do and how it can change the whole feel of a space!


Until next time………



  1. Another brilliant idea. I would never have thought to paint greenery, but they look great. What a nice, inviting way to dress up a staircase.

  2. That is very, very pretty and yes, I can see you doing something wonderful around the holidays with it.

  3. Doreen Sargente :

    Perfect! Painting the greenery made a huge difference! Gotta love that krylon ;)

  4. You go girl!! Those look awesome and what a great idea!! XOXO my friend!!

  5. Danni@SiloHillFarm :

    Wow…you sure made those candle sticks look much better! I have painted some faux leaves before and was pretty impressed with the results. Yours look great!

  6. Robin~All Things Heart and Home :

    Love the colors you picked out! The stair case looks so warm and I can just see you tip toeing upstairs to bed late at night…yawn. really, it’s very calming :)

  7. How pretty and very creative up the stairs Angela!

  8. Vashti Quiroz-Vega :

    I like the look of this! It makes me wish I had stairs in my house to try it. Haha! :D

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