What would you do?

What would you do?

I need some decorating advice………

Do you ever look at something and just cannot decide which is the best route to take?

That’s where I’m at with this……..

IMG_4761This is a wing back love seat I picked up at a second-hand store a couple of years ago for $35!!

$35!!! I was ecstatic!!


At first, I just covered her up with some crochet bed covers…..


Then I threw a matelesse cover over her…

IMG_1147…..but, I’m tired of covering her up.

She has nice lines…….

IMG_4771 IMG_4773 IMG_4761And I think she has nice legs…..

IMG_4769Here’s where I need your help!

I’m torn….


Should I try to (no sew) slip cover her myself like Jessica of Four Generations Under One Roof……

Jessica Bruno, 191 Putnam Hill Road, Sutton, MA

She has a wonderful tutorial and video HERE!


Or, I’ve thought about painting her with Annie Sloan Chalk paint like Dana at Bella Tucker did…


Her wonderful tutorial is available HERE!!

 Also, would you go light or dark paint?


Or, I could try to find an already made slip cover, which I have tried,


but they’re hard to find in this style.

So, there’s my dilemma!!

Here’s a couple of pictures of our master bedroom so you can get a feel for the colors.

IMG_4784 IMG_4779 IMG_4786 IMG_4787

  If you’d like to see more on the master bed and bath, you can see it HERE!!

This love seat is used by my dear hubby every morning to put on his shoes so I need something durable.


What would you do??

1.  Try to make my own slip cover

2.  Paint her (and if so, what color?)

3.  Purchase a slip cover

4.  Leave her alone

Please share any and all ideas!!  Thank you, all, so much for your help!!!

I’m so excited to see what everyone thinks!!!

Until next time……


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  1. I say get a fabric the same pattern/color as your wall paper and do it yourself.

  2. WHAT A BUY!!!! I would probably do something with it rather than leaving it as is. It has kind of a “country” vibe to it and I don’t think that is your style from what I can see. I have been painting fabric furniture for years but I think this might be an Orlon/Nylon blend or Olefin. I am not trying to dissuade you but the problem painting that type of material is that it is a looser weave and the paint absorbs poorly (instead of sitting on top of, and covering, a tighter weave)…and it would take many coats to cover properly. I would say a sewn slipcover would be your best option if you are a pretty good seamstress. Good luck-it is going to be a great piece when you are done with it.

  3. I would go with a fabric slipcover either you do or find someone. Do you know anyone in your area who does slipcovers? I have never been able to find anyone who makes them in my neck of the woods. I am going to check out the no sew tutorial.

    The loveseat is a wonderful piece and you got it at such a great price!

  4. Robin~All Things Heart and Home :

    I’d be nervous to try to cover it myself but if you’re confident at all that you could do it…then go for it! I thing a slip cover would also be nice if you could find on that fit well…hummmmm, I’m kinda crazy about linen fabric the color of burlap right now, so I would probably lean in that direction…
    I love your room by the way! So cozy and peaceful xo

  5. I think it’s a great chair and needs to be seen…so I suggest you give it a go yourself with a slipcover if you can make one. if it doesn’t work out, maybe you can find a seamstress in your area to help. That’s what I’m doing with an old settee. Best of luck!


  6. Angela- You are NOT going to believe this. YOUR SOFA (or a close twin) is over on another blog today and SHE painted it and slip covered it. Here is the link. What a strange coincidence! xo Diana https://sweetmelanie.blogspot.com/

  7. I am just in amazement that we actually have the very same love seat! I am shaking my head right now, lol! I say paint it! You could customize it soley to your room and decorations and no one else would have it. I love the one that you showed that another lady had done…that would look amazing!

  8. Marty@A Stroll Thru Life :

    A slipcover would be amazing and it really does have nice line, or you can always paint it first, and if you do I would go light. It is a fantastic piece. I love it. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  9. I know anything you do will be awesome. I think I would slipcover it in some really beautiful fabric. Something that would make you happy every time you looked at it. Like looking at a bouquet of flowers. And use the milk paint on the legs.

  10. Jazmin @ Frugality Gal :

    I would go for the DIY slipcover and stain the legs a bit darker. It really is a beautiful piece of furniture and it deserves to be shown off, not covered! :)

  11. What a great piece and huge score! It looks wonderful in your bedroom window, too! Whatever you decide will be beautiful; however, I think a pretty skirted slipcover (in an off white) would be fabulous! And, thanks again for your sweet note about my summer home tour!

  12. Doreen Sargente :

    Angela, unless you’re an experienced sewer and/or have tons of time and patience, I would think twice about trying to slipcover this piece. Even a ‘no sew’ slipcover requires fairly accurate measuring and cutting, and if you don’t use cording I have a feeling you won’t be happy with the end result. Keep in mind Jessica didn’t have t-cushions, which are more challenging, and the curves on the chair weren’t as deep.

    It’s a pretty piece and you’re right about it having nice lines and legs…sorta like us ;), so I wouldn’t cover it up. I would think about painting it, but you should see if you can try an inconspicuous area first to see how the fabric takes paint. They sell fabric paint now, but I think you would have to use a TON to cover this piece and the colors are limited so just try ASCP. I would go light on the piece and dark on the legs.

    If that doesn’t work I would consider hiring someone to do a slipcover, but of course that’s a pricey option. Do you have any friends (besides moi but what good am I all the way up here in NY?) who can help you do it yourself?

    A quick, albeit not as satisfying option, would be to drape the entire back of the piece with a solid throw and add a couple of pillows as well as stain the legs dark. It’s hard to see in the pictures what colors you have. It looks a little like the rug has some pinks but that your walls are a yellow tone? Maybe navy would work? That would go with what is existing as well as the chair colors.

  13. shirley@housepitalitydesigns :

    Hi Angela….I think a slipcover would be beautiful ,whether you buy one or make it yourself…it is a very pretty loveseat…

  14. What a fun idea! I think you should totally recover it! I think a khaki and white stripe would be super cute!

    Happy day to you!

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