Home Office Projects

Home Office Projects

I’m taking you back to my office today……..


I finally finished a couple of projects in there and wanted to share.


As you remember, I started by adding a desk to our 2nd guest room……

…..you can read all about that HERE


There were lots of fun projects done in this room such as the chair, the chalkboard calendar and the rolling milk crates!

The last few touches (for now) are the old fireplace mantel and another chalk board picture!

This is how the mantel looked before…..


This mantel has had a coat of many colors!  She started out chippy white, then I stained her dark (as you see here), and now she’s Annie Sloan Linen!

This is prior to clear and dark wax being applied to her.


The oval picture above her was an empty, old picture frame I have had for years.  You know, one of those pieces you can never find the right place for so you keep moving it around or you stick it in a closet!


Well, I bought some white foam board, traced the inner circumference onto the board, and cut it out with a utility knife.


I then applied three coats of chalk board paint letting each coat dry thoroughly before applying the next.

(sorry, no picture!….I had one….think I accidentally deleted it!…story of my life!)

Moving on…..


Once all the paint was dry, I “seasoned” the board with chalk and I just pushed it into the frame.  No need to glue or attach.  It was just snug enough to fit!IMG_3131

Now, what to put on the chalk board…..

….since this is my office, I wanted to try to put my logo “tree” on it….


I purchased a “chalk pen” in white and just “free formed” it!


Now, obviously, it’s not perfect but I was pretty proud of the fact it even remotely resembled my original!!


So, after that was completed along with the waxing of the mantel…..

the finished product!


Whatcha think?

I just love the wall treatment.  I achieved it by stenciling with a Cutting Edge Stencil called Anna Damask Scroll in a tone on tone color scheme.

I have ideas of creating some type of insert for the fireplace opening….smoky mirrors and candles maybe?

Also, there’s a future project for the nightstand holding the pillows made from an old drawer that I screwed onto an old table bottom!

There’s always something to do, right!!!??!!

I had to share this glorious picture of my grandmother, Margaret, circa 1910…..


I actually have that little fur coat and muffs and am planning to display it in this room!   I’m keeping my eye out for a vintage child’s dress form!

 I just love having family heirlooms and history in my home!!

I’ll share when that project is done!!

I’m so glad you stopped by!  I truly love having you here!!!

Until next time…….



  1. Great ideas! Love the mantel and chalk board picture. Please post when you do the insert. And the picture of your Grandmother is just awesome. So lucky that you have the picture and her outfit.

  2. I love it, Angela. You did a really great job freehanding your tree. I just saw a fireplace mantle somewhere that had a chalkboard in the opening and someone had chalked in a burning fire. It was darling- xo Diana

  3. Did you put the chalkboard paint directly on the foam board? What a smart girl!! The room is wonderful and I love that mantle! I’ve seen a few on Craig’s List and thought about buying one to make as a headboard.

  4. shirley@housepitalitydesigns :

    Just love your changes and the mantel is wonderful..love the color and the chalkboard is so fun!…and my favorite…the pic of your grandmother..can’t wait to see that fur coat and pic displayed together!…How so very special!

  5. Hi Angela,I always love to see what you are up to.I love every thing you have done in the guest room.Look forward to your next project.

  6. justagirlabby :

    Ooh it’s so cute, Angela! I love that you still have your grandmother’s little girl clothing–what a neat memory! Thanks for sharing your office with us!

    ~Abby =)

  7. The room looks great. I just love the desk area and the new mantel area. The chalkboard and tree turned out great too. I love a room that has personal and sentimental touches. Wishing you luck on finding that dress form! xo

  8. Angela!!! Holy cow it looks amazing. I love it all..that fireplace mantle, the rolling crates…the whole thing. You did a fantastic job on that tree… Big hugs!!

  9. Danni@SiloHillFarm :

    Wow! So much cool stuff in one place! I need a home office!

  10. Love the mantel! And the chalkboard above it is so pretty – the tree is gorgeous!

  11. The room looks so great! I absolutely love the mantel!! And I really like how you incorporated your logo in your space! Great job!

  12. Lorraine@Miss Flibbertigibbet :

    WOW…those walls look fabulous! What a job that was! Love the oval chalkboard…perfect touch!

  13. Hi Angela, love the color of the mantle! I think you did a great job on the chalkboard tree. That picture is wonderful and I can’t wait to see the little outfit displayed!

  14. Cheryl @ Artzzle :

    Angela, my favorite aspect of this room, is how it illustrates so many of your wonderful memories, and allows others to learn a bit about you while enjoying them all.

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