“Piddlin” & “Tweakin”

“Piddlin” & “Tweakin”

I’ve been “piddlin” and “tweakin” again……..


Remember when I bought the “odd little door to nowhere” and I put it here…..


…..I covered up the light switch to the pantry by placing it there but I thought I solved that problem by purchasing a light socket with a pull chain!



After a week, my hubby pulled on the chain and pulled the light right out of the ceiling!

He gave me that look (you know what I mean, right?) but quietly fixed it for me while I just batted my pretty blues at him! ;)

Then, about a week later, it happened again…..only this time, I pulled the light out of the ceiling!!

I knew I had to come up with a better idea…..

so I moved my “odd little door to nowhere”…..

to here…..


Of course, the domino effect began!!!

All was right with the world, though, because I had recently purchased this hanging clock, that looks like a scale at first glance, from Decor Steals and couldn’t figure out where to hang it!


They both work in this space perfectly!!


IMG_4547 IMG_4557

I added a fun summertime saying to the chalkboard!


I found this cute wicker tray at Goodwill…..love the texture!


Added a touch of greenery and called it GOOD!

IMG_4584 IMG_4581


Have you been “piddlin” or “tweakin” lately???

I’d love to hear about it!!!

Until next time……….



  1. Very clever idea! That old door is going to be great to move around when you need to! I love all of your sweet touches. Yes, the dog days of summer are here!:)


  2. I really like your decorating style!

  3. shirley@housepitalitydesigns :

    Love all the results of your “piddlin’ and tweaking”….doing that now to prepare for my updated home tour….Sorry about the light…you had good intentions!…

  4. Doreen Sargente :

    It’s funny Angela, we have the same saying on our chalkboard on the side of the fridge. Great minds…

  5. Angela,the door is so pretty that it just looks beautiful anywhere! Sorry you had problems with the light. I get myself into trouble like that all the time!!! LOL Love the hanging clock next to the door. Beautiful arrangement!

  6. That looks fantastic. The door looks nice with the color of your walls and the goodies you’ve placed around it. That basket/tray looks like it’s from PB. Love the whole area.

  7. I love that door! It can move anywhere it likes. :)

    Happy day to you sweet friend!

  8. Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG :

    I am doing that today – tweaking and piddlin’ around – in the office. I couldn’t stand the mess anymore – it seems to be the room everyone dumps their crap in!!

  9. It looks great there, Angela. Now…what kind of blogger ARE you? NO pictures of the hanging light fixture!!!! xo Diana

  10. How funny. My husband would have done the same thing. I know that look very well! Thanks for stopping by to see my boxwood wreaths. I don’t know about your area, but we have a local nursery that has boxwood garland that I make into wreaths around Christmas time. Have a great week. Alaina

  11. creativehomeexpressions :

    I love your Goodwill find tray, Angela! I like the door in its new location and the scale clock looks great there, too.

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