Fun “thrifting” find!

Fun “thrifting” find!

Do you remember when you were a kid and riding your very first tricycle?

Me either!!


But I bet it was a beauty and I’m sure I probably raced all over the house driving my mother crazy!

Sorry, Mom!!


When I stopped in at my nearest Goodwill a few days back, I found this little guy waving to me……Continue reading

Before and After-Candlesticks

Before and After-Candlesticks

I love a good before and after, don’t you??


I especially love them when they are quick, easy and inexpensive!!Continue reading

What would you do?

What would you do?

I need some decorating advice………

Do you ever look at something and just cannot decide which is the best route to take?

That’s where I’m at with this……..

IMG_4761This is a wing back love seat I picked up at a second-hand store a couple of years ago for $35!!Continue reading

Coffee Station

Coffee Station

Do you have a coffee station?


I used to have a nice little coffee station set up in my kitchen……

but I moved it!



Call me crazy…….

                           call me lazy……….

                                               or, call me brilliant! :)Continue reading

Home Office Projects

Home Office Projects

I’m taking you back to my office today……..


I finally finished a couple of projects in there and wanted to share.Continue reading

Summer Porch!

Summer Porch!

In the good ole’ summertime……..

in the good ole’ summertime…….

I don’t know how the weather is where you are, but….



Oh well…….that’s summertime in Texas, y’all!!

So, I fixed a glass of tea and “tweaked” my front porch for summer!



I added a couple new pillow covers to the wicker swing…


…..and made a couple of my own….

IMG_4627IMG_4626 IMG_4645

I also made a couple of pillows for the rockers….

IMG_4628 IMG_4627

With some leftover fabric, I covered an old lamp shade….


The shade was a little small to put the magnetic flower on it, so I just moved it down onto the shaft of the lamp!


I brought my “neon” green wreaths back out, “tweaking” them a little by adding some herringbone ribbon.


I just LOVE herringbone…’s classic….never goes out of style!!



I added a little green burlap….


gotta have a burlap touch, right??!!


Last, I picked up a couple faux greenery orbs at Hobby Lobby and placed them in my orbs!  You can see my “orb” experience HERE!!

IMG_4633IMG_4632 IMG_4635IMG_4642

I’d love to have you stop by!


  I’ll be sittin’ on the porch, sipping tea, rockin and watchin the world go by!


Until next time……..


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“Piddlin” & “Tweakin”

“Piddlin” & “Tweakin”

I’ve been “piddlin” and “tweakin” again……..


Remember when I bought the “odd little door to nowhere” and I put it here…..


…..I covered up the light switch to the pantry by placing it there but I thought I solved that problem by purchasing a light socket with a pull chain!



After a week, my hubby pulled on the chain and pulled the light right out of the ceiling!

He gave me that look (you know what I mean, right?) but quietly fixed it for me while I just batted my pretty blues at him! ;)

Then, about a week later, it happened again…..only this time, I pulled the light out of the ceiling!!

I knew I had to come up with a better idea…..

so I moved my “odd little door to nowhere”…..

to here…..Continue reading

Greek Salsa!

Greek Salsa!

Hope you all had a “sparkling” 4th of July!

Now, we enter the “DOG DAYS OF SUMMER”!!!

Roxy & Maggie Mae

Roxy & Maggie Mae

With temperatures reaching triple digits, I try to find recipes that are cool and refreshing…..

and being from Texas, we eat A LOT of salsa…….



Continue reading

Non-traditional July 4th!!

Non-traditional July 4th!!

You may remember, I decorated my living room mantel with a non-traditional color scheme!

You may also remember, I decided to update my front porch with some wooden firecrackers!

They were so easy to make, I decided to make a set for my living room in a non-traditional way!


Continue reading

Non Traditional 4th of July!!

Non Traditional 4th of July!!

I know, I know……traditional Fourth of July decorations are all about Red, White and Blue and flags everywhere!

Trust me, I’m as American as they come! :)

My hubby served for 26 years in the military…..I definitely have American pride!!

In fact, I like to show it on my front porch beginning right around Memorial Day!

Hubby and I ate a wonderful 4th of July dessert in mason jars on that very porch and I’m sure we will again come the big day!!!

BUT, I’m getting honest here………

Although I love looking at traditional decorations in other homes, I don’t really decorate the inside of my home with red, white and blue!


I take more of a non-traditional approach!! :) Here’s my mantel…..


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