What is THAT?! – A Home Goods find!

What is THAT?! – A Home Goods find!

What are you going to do with THAT??!!??!!??!

Those were the words spoken by both my husband and my daughter when I came home with this………


Actually, their first words were “WHAT IS THAT?!” :)

“It’s a door!” I said proudly!

DUH! :)

Not a real door, but, a door none-the-less!

I found it one day when I ‘popped’ into Home Goods.

I actually had no intention of going there…..my car sometimes has a mind of its own!


This little find was in the clearance isle…..orginally $70, marked down to $30!!  I couldn’t pass it up!

I had no idea what I was going to do with it but I knew it had possibilities!

So, out to my car I strutted with my proudly purchased door and …….

it wouldn’t fit in my car!!! :)

I kid you not!

So, back in the store I went telling them I would have to come back when my husband got home with the “truck”!

NOW, I had to tell my hubby I bought a door that I had no idea how I was going to use and he needed to take me to pick it up! :)

Yah, he looked at me like I was crazy!!

But, after being married to me for 27 years, he just rolled his eyes, shrugged his shoulders, and we carried on!

(Does that happen to anyone else?  I’m sure it does!)


I really liked my little door just the way she was.  The colors were perfect for my kitchen.


I visioned the center black area as a chalkboard where I could write cute little sayings or write the nightly menu.

So, I got out my chalkboard paint and sponge brush (they are my favorite for painting chalkboard paint without streaks)…..


and taped off the center section so I could be messy and still not hurt anything! :)


Did you notice the little door handle?  So cute!!!

I applied three coats, allowing at least an hour between each coat.

Then I let it ‘cure’ overnight before ‘seasoning’ the chalkboard.


I know you all know how to ‘season’, but just in case…..you need to take a piece of normal chalk and lay it on its side and cover the chalkboard area. Then rub it in with your fingers and wipe clean with a soft, dry cloth.


Now she was ready for her first message:



Whatcha think?

She really gives the kitchen a new feel, which I LOVE when one little purchase will do that for a room!


Of course, the domino effect began and things that were hanging where my door is had to be moved.  Then there’s the fact that by hanging my little door, I covered up the light switch to the pantry next door! (Don’t worry, I fixed that problem with a new light socket and pull chain!)

In the end……I’m happy with my ‘WHAT IS THAT ?’ purchase!


I think my hubby and daughter love it, too!

For another neat chalkboard project, check out the calendar I made for my office here.

Until next time………..



  1. Doreen Sargente :

    First of all, let me say you have lovely handwriting! Whenever something needs writing, I ask Fisherman to do it because his writing is so much nicer. And about the rolling eyes thing, yeah, I get that too ;). HomeGoods is a dangerous place…

  2. Danni@SiloHillFarm :

    What a fun find and it looks perfect in your kitchen! Wish I had a Home Goods near me. Our closest one is a 2 hour drive…but I stop when I’m in that area!

  3. Your door is beautiful! It sure belonged there! Great find, Angela!

  4. Hi Angela! I am your newest follower and found you thru Ann over at Sutton Place. I got a big kick out of your brother, Mike. I bet he is just a hoot- you can see it just looking at him. Anyway- I love those awnings and I am looking forward to getting to know you better- xo Diana

  5. OH Angela.. I swear we are sisters from another Mother… I have done the too big for the car purchase and had to steal the pickup to drag it home lol …. This week actually,,, My hubby was demolishing a double wide.. I went with him to see if there was any “treasures”… aka Junk to him… So here I come dragging a sliding closet door… I got the ” What the heck you gonna do with that?” I’m gonna make a chalkboard out of it .. or a mirror… or I’ll find something to do with it on Pinterest lol I got the head shake .. and the I’ll help you drag it to the pickemup …lol I say Ive got this one… You can bring the other one lol … so here he coming like a good hubby bring the other door…. WAIT… this one has a mirror??? Where did you find it??? In the room he says right next to the other mirrored one lol I now have 4…lol So one for a chalk board.. maybe two for horizontal or vertical mirrors.beefed up with Home Depot molding and painted black.. and the 4th??? IDK yet… any suggestions??

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