Plaster of Paris flowers–Nicole’s skirt fix!!

Plaster of Paris flowers–Nicole’s skirt fix!!

I’d like you to meet Nicole…..


I adore these little “butler” tables.

I have four of them……

a dog, a penguin, a santa puppy and Nicole. :)

Bombay Company used to carry them.

Oh, how I miss that store!! :(


Upon our last and final move with the military, Nicole took a little beating…..


I was crushed!  I knew I couldn’t replace her since Bombay Company is no longer in business so she sat…..

and sat……

for over a year!

I could not part with her and knew I could give her a new lease on life!

Enter……..Plaster of Paris!


……and faux flowers that had seen better days…..


I mixed the plaster of paris until it was the consistency of runny pancake batter


and literally “dipped” my flowers into the mixture, mixing it around with my fingers!

IMG_3828 IMG_3831

Yes, this is messy but fun!  My plaster was runny enough that I could ‘dip’ and set my flower for a minute or two, then, re’dip’.  I liked it runny….it enabled me to do two or three thin coats and I found my flowers held their shape better that way. :)

I let my flowers set for a couple of days to ensure the plaster of paris was good and dry.


Then I got out my Annie Sloan dark wax and a small painters brush and ‘antiqued’ my flowers!

Sorry, I got excited (I tend to do that in the midst of a project) and forgot to take pics! :(


I glued them into place and … … … TA DA!!



IMG_3858 IMG_3843

What cha think?!!?!

I think Nicole is happy and back in the game!!

IMG_3868 IMG_3863

I almost like it more than the original!

My motto is always…

“everything happens for a reason”!

Now, if I could just understand why Bombay Company went out of business??


I want more butlers!!

Until next time……..



  1. What a super great idea! You are so creative. She is beautiful!!! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Danni@SiloHillFarm :

    Oh wow! They look like they were there all along! So pretty and clever!! Nice job girl!

  3. She’s a real doll! Sitting at airport

  4. Doreen Sargente :

    Angela!! You are amazing! What do you mean ‘almost as good as the original?’. She’s bringin’ it now big time!

    Plaster of Paris is an amazing product and you used it to the max.

  5. Nicole’s skirt repair is gorgeous Angela. I miss Bombay too. There was an outlet at the lake. I shopped there a lot.

  6. justagirlabby :

    WOW! The flowers really look like they were always there! I agree–better than the original! You are so creative, Miss Angela! Have a wonderful day!

    ~Abby =)

  7. You go girl! She looks amazing! What a great idea for a fix!

    Happy day sweet friend!

  8. shirley@housepitalitydesigns :

    wow…what a great idea..the flowers are fantastic…have to write this tutorial down!…Nicole is very happy that you “gave her flowers”….I miss Bombay too!..

  9. Kelly @ View Along the Way :

    That is a BRILLIANT fix! I like her better now too! Lookin’ snazzy, Miss Nicole!

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