Recycled Cans/Desk Organizers!!

Recycled Cans/Desk Organizers!!

This is one of the easiest projects I have ever done! :)





anyone can do it!!!




recycled vegetable can/ice tea canister

leftover painters drop cloth fabric

burlap ribbon

burlap gimp/ribbon

Mod Podge

decorative flowers

hot glue gun/glue



For the Small Container:


Take a recycled vegetable can (mine was green beans, I think!), measure some burlap ribbon around the can; cut to fit and apply the ribbon to the can with Mod Podge. Hot glue any rough edges down.

Let dry.


Measure and hot glue gimp/ribbon to the can.

NOTE:  I know this is pretty intense……you might want to write the directions down so you don’t forget! ;)

Directions for the Second Container:

Pretty much the same as the first container! (Make sure you write that down too!) ;)


I used a recycled ice tea canister and cut a piece of painters cloth fabric I had leftover from my office chair redo which you can see here!

Mod Podge the fabric to the container.  Glue down any loose edges.  Apply gimp/ribbon.

To adorn these high-end “baubles”, I found some cute little flowers……


……hot glued them to magnets…….

……and placed them on the cans!


For full disclosure: I used two magnets per flower for the ice tea container since it is not metal. One magnet was hot glued to the flower, the other placed inside the container so the magnet that was glued to the flower would magnetize to the other magnet. :)

Does that make sense? (Clear as mud, right!!)





 I’d be more than happy to answer any questions so please don’t hesitate to ask!!

Until next time………….


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  1. You are so cute and funny…I have a ton of questions! I like these, the color is soft unlike most desk and organizing pieces that are plastic and modern. I think I’m going to start saving some cans!


  2. Hehehe Loved your tutorial! What a super idea, specially the magnets. They look so pretty on your desk! Enjoy our super duper warm weather! :)

  3. Angela, i am the one that left the previous comment. I am on my iPad and for some reason it did not show my name. I just wanted you to know who Anonymous was. ;).

  4. Angela….LOVE this idea! I have recovered cans in the past [I am a paper crafter] but I am in love with THIS idea! I love that you put magnets on the back of the flowers and i would say they could use them to post notes up with ‘em!! Verrrrry clever!!

  5. Adorable! Now I wish I’d bought that burlap ribbon at Hobby Lobby the other day.

  6. thistlewoodfarm :

    This is an awesome idea!! How fun!!

    This would be an amazing project to do with the girls, they would love it!!

    Hope you have a fabulous rest of the week!!


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