Update on Orbs!!

Update on Orbs!!

Ok, everyone,………gotta keep it real!!!  My bouncy balls……


…………….turned out to be a bust!

One day, after returning home from shopping, I saw one of my bouncy balls bouncing down the street! (Have you got a visual yet??!!)

I laughed so hard, I started crying!

So, back to the drawing board!!  Everything happens for a reason right?

The bouncy orbs have been sent to the backyard (my dogs LOVE them)!!!

On to plan “B”…….

I saw this wonderful light that Jessica @ Dear Emmeline made after seeing Kelly’s post of her fabulous pendant light her husband created at https://www.viewalongtheway.com/.

The wheels started turning!  I checked the cost of supplies–cheap!

I checked the difficulty to make–easy!

Deciding whether or not I could do this……DONE!  My new orbs!!


The process was really easy.  I went to JoAnne fabrics and bought 4 quilters hoops (as I was making two orbs-two hoops per orb-duh!) for $4.99/each.  I already had the glue and spray paint, so I was ready to go!


I separated the hoops and adjoined the larger two hoops together (the ones with the hardware screws attached for tightening). Thank you, Pumpkin (my cat) for supervising!!


Next, I took the remaining two smaller hoops and placed them inside the bigger hoops, positioning them as I wanted……


I then glued each piece to the top and bottom to secure!  I let them sit overnight to completely dry, then spray painted them black!

Remember Plan A………………


Now, Plan B………..


Better, but,…..still not perfect!

Finials!!!  I needed finials!!  I had a couple drawer pulls left over from previous projects so I spray painted them black and glued them on top!


Almost there!!!

In case you’ve all been wondering if I feared these “orbs” might blow away as well……I have thought of that!  I laid a large rock inside the orb to weight it down PLUS, my dear hubby actually stood in front of the orbs, took the leaf blower and blew the heck out of the orbs to see if they would fall off……they didn’t!  I think I’m safe!!!

I took some outdoor battery operated lights I previously used on the back patio and placed them inside the orbs, over the rock to form a “mound”.


Last, I covered the rock and lights with the remaining grass allowing some of the lights to peak out!


These lights are fabulous in that they have a timer that allows them to come on at dusk and go off at dawn!  PERFECT!!

So, my final result of Plan B………


They really are quite lovely at night.  A soft glow.  Just enough to catch your eye!

So, I think I’m through with my “orb” obsession for this year.  That is, unless, I find these bouncing down the road!  Oy, the visual!!!!

Until next time………


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  1. Kelly @ View Along the Way :

    Oh wow! That is SO SO stunning! The finial just took it out of the world, too. What a cool idea!

  2. Liz @ Infuse With Liz :

    Awesome! I like them better actually! I had to laugh at the visual of your balls heading down the street! I love the little lights you added to them too!

  3. Angela, your plan B is perfect! I love the orbs and the little lights was an awesome idea. You are so creative! I can’t believe your ball went running down the street. LOL We have just a few houses around us and many open fields, so when that wind gets to blowing, I can literally see my pillows on the back porch fly past the window. It sure can get a little windy in Texas! :)

  4. Kelly Barnett :

    HI Angela – It’s Kelly from A Grace Unlimited. I came by to check out your site! ADORABLE!

    • Thanks, Kelly! Would love to get together with you sometime…..coffee maybe? Your things are adorable! I’d love to get the tree pillow!!

  5. Way too cool Angela. LOVE this project.

  6. Christine at First Home Love Life :

    These are so pretty! Thanks for the great tutorial!

  7. I love this!!!!! I am going to save it to see if I can do it. Thanks for taking us through it. XO, Pinky

  8. Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG :

    I found you over @ Debbidoos – I am now following you! I am a new blogger too!

  9. Simply way too cool!! I love it :)

  10. Jamie @ Better with Age :

    I love this! I saw that same tutorial but haven’t attempted it. You did a great job!! You should join my new linky party {1 party, 5 blogs!}
    Have a great week!
    Jamie @ somuchbetterwithage.com

  11. Amelia @ Monograms 'n Mud :

    Love how your orbs turned out. Visiting from The Scoop. Again, great job!!

  12. Gail@Purple Hues and Me :

    This is such a fabulous idea! I’ve been racking my brain out trying to come up with something to put in my urns during the winter months and after the holidays. This is perfect! Gonna PIN this for future reference!

  13. LOVE this idea! So clever! These look great! Love the lights!

    Thanks so much for linking up at Give Me The Goods Monday! Can’t wait to see what you link up next week!

    Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

  14. Love the new orbs!!

  15. Love how they turned out, very classic.

  16. Great idea! The orbs look fabulous! :)

  17. Haha! Love the story and love the orbs. What a great idea!

  18. Love this! Sometimes a “plan b” can be much better! Very cute!

  19. Beautiful!!! Plan b was so much better anyway but thanks for the visual of plan a rolling down the street! LOL

  20. Hi Angela! Your site and home are both wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing your creativity! Would you be willing to share the name of the font you use to sign your name? It has just enough script without being over-the-top. Have a beautiful day, Jennifer

  21. Patricia Krank :

    Those are amazing and you are quite brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing this. Pinning to Pinterest for sure! Blessings, Patti

  22. Robin~All Things Heart and Home :

    Just found you on Hometalk with your wonderful summer porch…I saw the orbs and was about to email you to ask about them when I say the update post in the sidebar! Oh girl you have me laughing about the bouncy balls!!!! I soooo would have copied that if I’d seen them before they bounced away!!! But the orbs are divine! I have 2 topiaries I bought that are a smidge too tall…I’m thinking I may replace them with your orbs!!! xoxo (thanks for the giggle)

  23. Gail Hawkins :

    Found this on Pinterst. Love these! So smart. Where did you get the battery operated outdoor lights?

  24. I love this! I really want to do this for some pot on my back patio that have seasonal plants. Once they die off, I can put this in the pot until spring when they start growing again! How is it holding up so far to the weather?

  25. Love your ORBS!!! DOING THEM ASAP!!!

  26. Angela…lol I had to read the article on the Bouncing Orbs lol .. I can see Bewitches’ Mrs. Cravits perking out the window and yelling at her Hubby Abnerrrrrr as your hubby did the wind testing on your orbs lol
    Option 1… Bouncing orb.. attach rock to bottom or… fill ball with concrete. once set… remover ball … give deflated ball to dogs
    lol and paint as you like.. This is Texas… add Bling.. :)

    I too am a Born, Breed and Proud Texas Girl…and I thought of this THREE DIGIT HEAT today 103… I thought… I was in Ouray and Lake City Co in July… and man I wish I was there.. a fishin. it was 46 with a high of 73………… ugh


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