Thrift Shopping!!!

Thrift Shopping!!!

I know I’ve been a little “absent” from the blogging world lately…..

have you noticed?

I HOPE SO!!!!!


Actually, I miss it terribly and have no plans to fall to the wayside anytime soon but I’ve taken on a new adventure!!!


I’m volunteering at the local military thrift shop and……


The only hard part is finding time to fit it all in……..and not spending too much money!!!

I think I’m their best customer!!!!


That’s okay…’s for a wonderful cause!!!

So, I’m trying to organize my time better and will get my act together soon….

I hope!!!



I thought I’d show you a few “treasures” I’ve found at the thrift shop.

I picked up this guy for $15!!  He holds our towels when we’re in the hot tub!


This flower-pot was $10! It’s huge and very heavy!!


Here is a bamboo bird house.  I added three faux candles with timers.  It’s very pretty at night!!


This little brass hanger was .50!!


This is a beautiful ornate candle holder and bird in brass.  I think they set me back $5!!


I love the detail!!!


Here is a crystal ashtray but I think I’ll set candy in it!


Finally, for today, I picked up a couple of lamps!  You can never have too many lamps, I say!!

This one is crystal with a brass bottom.  The sticker on the glass said “Poland”.  I believe I paid $15!



This cute little telephone lamp is whimsical and fun!

IMG_8421 IMG_8418

I honestly don’t know if I can shop regular retail anymore!!!!!  I love a bargain and repurposing things!

How about you?  Do you love thrifting?

I have more treasures to share but that’s for another day!!

Until next time……


Thrift Store Finds

Thrift Store Finds

thritfstore finds

I love getting gift cards as gifts……..

…….especially from Good Will!!!


I had no idea Good Will even gave gift cards!!

My daughter gave me one for my birthday back in October and I just now got around to spending it!

We took a day to go shopping at all the Goodwill’s around town!!! We actually have 4 that I know of but have a hunch there are more!!!


Today was “metal” day for me…….


My first find was this brass “pot”……I think it’s a decorative planter but has no holes in the bottom.

I love the detail of the gargoyle heads on the sides!!!


Of course, when I put it in my cart I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do with it but I knew one day, I would!


When I repurposed our kitchen eating area, I felt I needed to add a plant and the brass pot worked perfectly!

IMG_7442 IMG_7441

I just set the plant in the pot for now and covered the top with spanish moss!


Next, I found this wonderful copper rectangular pot!  I can’t believe someone just gave this away!


I have yet to find the perfect place for it but, for now, it sits by my kitchen island with a garland of yellow pip berries and an old wooden spoon nestled inside!

IMG_7439 IMG_7434

I tried to polish the copper a little but it wouldn’t shine up so I decided it was beautiful just the way it was!IMG_7435

My last metal treasure is this beautiful silver piece.  I think it looks like a shamrock!


 It’s perfect for parties to set out nuts, candies or use as a condiment holder!

IMG_7461 IMG_7464

I know when my hubby gets home and sits down at his computer, these will be gone!! (I need do to something “crafty” with that purple computer mouse pad…..soon!).

IMG_7473 IMG_7475

There ya go!  Not a bad day thrifting at Goodwill on someone else’s dime!  Thank you my sweet daughter for the awesome gift card!

Until next time……..


For the Love of Silver Plate!

For the Love of Silver Plate!

I love silver plate………

platters, trays, cups, bowls……anything, really!



We’re hosting a post-wedding party in our back yard in October for our son and future daughter-in-law.

My vision is crisp white cotton tablecloths with a splattering of black and white checked linens, lots of burlap, crystal, candelabras, mercury glass, mason jars, candles, fall flowers such as mums and sunflowers, along with some hay bales and, of course, pumpkins, and lots of silver plate pieces!

So, I’ve been stocking up!Continue reading