Working on Spring

Working on Spring

One of the things that sold us on our home were all the live oak trees in the backyard……..twelve (hence, “Twelve Oaks Manor“)!

They are a thing of beauty and create a beautiful canopy from the summer sun, especially in July and August when our Texas temperatures are usually 100 degrees or better.


Yes, they are beautiful………..

………..except in the Spring!!!!Continue reading

Easter’s on its Way!!

Easter’s on its Way!!

Happy Spring Everyone!!!

We are finally ready for the Easter Bunny!!!

Feels like I’ve been tweaking my home daily to get ready for Spring!!!

You can read and see about my first spring touches HERE!

Mr. and Mrs. Bunny greet everyone in the living room…..

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Spring Mantel–take 2!!

Spring Mantel–take 2!!

So, if you’re a regular reader, you know I’ve been struggling with my Spring mantel.

You can see my post on my first Spring mantel HERE, but in a nut shell, this is what I came up with….


After days of struggling with what would be perfect, I decided that was crazy and I came up with something that made me happy.

Perfect?  Maybe not.

But sometimes I believe I spend too much time and energy creating the perfect mantel,  vignette or whatever”, and I promised myself I would keep things simple this year.  So, here’s my final draft……Continue reading

Spring Around the Manor

Spring Around the Manor

Spring has sprung around the Manor……….


I placed my glass bird cloche on top of a pedestal holding a battery operated candle (remember my “trash to treasure” post), some spanish moss and trimmed with some green beaded garland.  It adds a nice warm glow in the evening.  Three little porcelain birds keep watch.


IMG_7684 IMG_7686

Aren’t these three little bottle brush geese adorable?!!!


I picked them up from Pottery Barn…..


….I just love em!


They hold watch over my bee keeper…..


…..and work nicely with my super simple spring chalkboard! I love the little nest holding my chalk!!


Another spring chalk art!!


If you look closely, you’ll see a couple of “bunny” friends in the scale clock!

IMG_7678 IMG_7675 IMG_7680

Just adding a couple of white ceramic  birds along with a burlap flower to a vignette takes it into spring!

IMG_7595 IMG_7596

IMG_7312 IMG_7310

And, Spring just wouldn’t be complete without a few lambs…..


…..and an orchid!  Fingers crossed I can keep it alive!


I’m finishing up the kitchen and the front porch and bringing out more bunnies and eggs today!

I’ll share soon!

Until then…….


Spring Wreaths

Spring Wreaths

Just two simple spring wreaths for the front doors!!

IMG_7158 IMG_7159

But, I felt they were too boring!!  They needed a little something to make them “pop“against the black doors!Continue reading

Rubber Boot Planters!

Rubber Boot Planters!

Happy Day Everyone!!!!!

Remember my “splash of color” bright green chair I painted for my back yard that smiled at me when I painted her and gave her new flower friends to hold?


Well, I decided she needed some friends!Continue reading

A simple splash of color!

A simple splash of color!

I’m becoming obsessed lately with the color lime green!  It just screams “spring” and “alive” to me!

I threw some splashes of it on my front porch this spring and decided I wanted a splash in my back yard as well.Continue reading

“Bee” utiful Porch Rug!

“Bee” utiful Porch Rug!

Happy Day my blogging buddies!

Remember my front porch spring makeover and my rug I “snagged” from my laundry room?Continue reading

Update on Orbs!!

Update on Orbs!!

Ok, everyone,………gotta keep it real!!!  My bouncy balls……Continue reading

Spring on the Porch!

Spring on the Porch!

Aw….I love springtime in South Texas!  Best time of the year, in my opinion.  The nights are still cooling down and our days average around 70 degrees!  I just wish it lasted all year!  In about a month or two I will be complaining about the hot, humid temperatures and staying outside after noon will result in lots of sweating and bug spray!

But, I digress……….Continue reading