Fall Around the Manor

Fall Around the Manor

I absolutely love this time of year………

……it’s a slow change in temperatures for us in South Texas but occasionally, we have a humid free day that let’s us know….

……..change is coming!!


I thought I would share the fall touches around the Manor……..

…….keeping things simpler this year, at least for me!

I hope you enjoy!


I tried my first attempt at adding a tray to my round coffee table. ¬†I added an antique orange mercury glass candlestick with a battery operated candle on top (love those….can never have enough!) along with my glass pumpkin.


I tried to bring in more texture by adding some orbs covered in bark along with some green beaded garland for “fallish” color.


I placed my velvet pumpkins on the sideboard.


Another decoration I absolutely love….

Just¬†adding some fall potpourri and a burlap flower to my bowl……


….plays against the flicker of the lantern taking my church pew into Fall!


A simple ceramic pumpkin in a beautiful chartreuse green…..


…..says “fall” when visitors arrive! ¬†Remember, sometimes less is more!


I added a¬†faux white pumpkin to my olive basket….


…..with, of course, faux olive branches, and a little burlap!


The fall mantle is very simple and much like last years.


The kitchen/computer area was fun to decorate.  I picked up the framed images of fall at the thrift shop I volunteer at!


My trio of pumpkins were surrounded by orange pip berries (also purchased at the thrift shop)!


Adding more fall picks and a ceramic pumpkin from Bath and Body Works …..


…..along with a cream sunflower from the Dollar Tree, completes the look!

More small touches in the kitchen bring us to a close…….


Adding miniature¬†pumpkins to a Dollar Tree vase……


along with other added fall pieces and candles on my tiered serving piece is just enough this year!


Another cream sunflower and ceramic pumpkin from Dollar Tree are perfect in the coffee corner!


I placed a faux mum with some faux pumpkins and gourds along with wooden accessories and a pumpkin towel found on clearance last year at Pottery Barn to my salad bowl and stand!

See the tiny crystal spider attached to the mum? ¬†Yes, I’ve added those that I used last year.


That post is next!

I hope y’all are enjoying this season as much as I am. ¬†It is the start of a magical time in my opinion!!!

Happy Fall Y’all!



Fall Porch 2014

Fall Porch 2014

Gosh, I can hardly believe it’s October!!!

I must admit I LOVE IT!!!

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t love Fall what with all the smells and colors and temperatures finally beginning to drop (a little)!

The Fall Porch is finally complete!



I had the most fun making these pillows for Plaid.  You can see that post HERE!


I added a little fall color to the entry stairs….


…….it’s amazing what a little “dash” of color will do!!


My door wreaths were super easy to make. ¬†You can see how I did it with the help of Laura from Top This Top That’s wreath tutorial!


I put the black and white pillows along with last years fall pillows on the swing!


I never get tired of classic black & white!! This year I added some burlap pumpkin pillows to the mix!



They’re cute and fun and can stay there through November!

Of course, little touches are scattered here and there.


I took my daughter’s rubber cowboy boots and added some fall foliage along with a pretty ribbon….


….and placed them next to my sandwich board with a simple seasonal sentiment!


My mini goat wagon got a touch of hay, ghords, an extra little pillow and a battery operated candle lantern!


A very simple vignette in the corner that definitely says “fall”!


I updated my pie basket by adding more foliage, some Dollar Tree pumpkins painted white and another candle lantern!

IMG_8593 IMG_8603

Just adding a few metal leaf sprigs into my faux greenery turned this corner into fall.


Last, I added a two more fake pumpkins from Dollar Tree that I painted white and stained with dark wax to the fern on the other side of the front doors! ¬†I LOVE Dollar Tree’s pumpkins!! A stained glass lantern and a cream “funkin”, which I also stained rounded out the look.



I just stuck the “R” sticker (you can find these at Hobby Lobby) on the pumpkin!


Today, I turned my lantern around to show the “jack-o-lantern” side!

IMG_8604 IMG_8608

That rounds out the porch! ¬†Hope y’all are enjoying your Fall! ¬†We were finally able to open some windows yesterday and air out the house!




Until next time……….


Easy Fall Wreath!

Easy Fall Wreath!

EASY¬†is my motto this year especially with volunteering and being away from the house more…….

EASY is my favorite word!!


I needed wreaths for my front doors but wanted to keep it simple and EASY!!

 First I made a burlap wreath using a wire frame like this.



I followed Laura of Top This Top That‘s tutorial on making a burlap wreath. I used four rolls of burlap ribbon per 20″ wire wreath. ¬†Her directions are perfect and it’s so easy to make a perfect wreath!

I knew I wanted to embellish them a little (’cause don’t we all embellish everything?)!! ¬†But remember, EASY is my motto this year!


I had these two berry/ball wreaths in the closet¬†that I haven’t used for a few years.


I basically just pushed them inside the wire form and adjusted the burlap.

Now that’s EASY!!!


Thanks, Laura, for a wonderful tutorial!!! If you don’t know Laura, definitely check out her blog, Top This Top That! ¬†You’ll love her! ¬†I especially love when she chats about her donkey!!

Have a great day and remember, keep life simple……

….and decorating EASY!!

Until next time…….


Adding Fall Color!

Adding Fall Color!

adding fall color

After finishing up the Fall touches on the front porch, I decided my urns and “orbs” needed a little something, something….


Y’all know how I love my Orbs!!! ¬†Last year, they were a different color….


I decided to change them from black to cream and I have really enjoyed the change but when I set the white pumpkins in the cream orbs, they kinda disappeared.  So, I had to come up with a new idea!

I needed a little color!!!


I purchased 2 large candle ring wreaths and 4 small candle ring wreaths that were 40% off at Hobby Lobby.


I cut them in half……


I simply placed the two halves of the larger wreaths into the orbs


…..and placed my faux greenery orbs back in!


I did the same thing with the small halves by placing them in the smaller urns and placing those greenery orbs on top!


It was just the right amount of color and I love the green and orange together. ¬†I think it’s a great way to transition from summer to fall since our temperatures are still topping 90 degrees!


Sometimes I tend to over think decorating.  This was so simple and inexpensive.  I spent a total of $20 and I think it created a major impact!

The “Summer to Fall” Porch is just about complete! ¬†Now, if only our temperatures could fall too!

Until next time……….


Aging Hydrangeas

Aging Hydrangeas

Hydrangea’s are a beautiful flower……….

……..I wish I could grow big, full beautiful bushes but, here in South Texas, this is as good as it gets!!


If I get one bloom, I’ll feel like the hydrangea Gods have blessed me!¬†So instead, I have to settle for faux.


¬† I had a project in mind with an old doctor’s bag I picked up at an estate sale…….

IMG_8258 IMG_8262

It’s old, dusty, dirty and definitely worn…………………

it’s perfect!!!

Now, back to my project!!  I visioned cream-colored dried hydrangea flowers spilling out the bag, but as I mentioned, no can do!

So, I bought faux……

IMG_8240 IMG_8238

But they were too white.


My solution??????



I poured some into a large soup bowl…..


…….and dipped my hydrangea into the coffee coating the petals really well.


Here, you can see one stem half dipped!!!


I would just let the individual stems set in the coffee for a few minutes!!


And let them dry out on a paper towel!


You can tell the difference between the dipped and not dipped!!

I let them dry and then re-dipped them again.  I did this about 3 times per stem.

What I love the most is how the coffee settled in the tips of the pedals making them a little darker and giving them that “aged” look I was wanting!!


I put some crumpled up grocery bags in the bottom of the bag and placed the flowers on top so they wouldn’t fall down into the bag.


I added a silver candlestick, a piece of french linen and an old book I picked up at the same estate sale!


I created this little vignette!  You know how I love vignettes!


Can I just say that I’m so excited for fall?!!! ¬†I think¬†this will make a great fall/Halloween vignette! ¬†That little black book I picked up at the estate sale, that’s in the bag, is of Edgar Allen Poe’s poems¬†including “The Raven”!



So, if you don’t live where you can easily access dried hydrangea, give this technique a try!

Until next time…….


Fall Home Tour at ‘The Manor’

Fall Home Tour at ‘The Manor’

Yes, FALL has finally arrived at The Manor!

IMG_5591The front porch got dressed in early September, which you can see HERE, if you happened to miss it!

Now, let’s venture inside and see a few harvest touches!Continue reading

Fall Front Porch “Wreaths”!

Fall Front Porch “Wreaths”!

The calendar says it’s fall………….

But, it’s 100 degrees outside and it’s a little difficult to feel the “frost on the pumpkin”,

but I’ll give it a try!


I decided to go with something different this year for my front door “wreaths”….

IMG_5525-fall wreathsContinue reading