A New Year of FAITH!

A New Year of FAITH!

Hello everyone!!!

Did you think I disappeared in the land of forgotten blogs??!!!

I apologize for being away so long…..the holidays became crazy for me, with family visiting from out-of-state so I decided to make them and my sanity a priority!


But the new year is upon us and I’m ready to roll!!

I’ve noticed over the past few years of reading blogs that a lot of bloggers choose a word to help motivate or guide them throughout the year.

Honestly, when I first saw this tradition, I thought, “that’s not for me”!  But, as the new year presented itself to me, it spoke to me as well.

Although 2013 was a beautiful year with the marriage of our son, the year just wasn’t a positive one in my life and I’m so hoping the new year will be better.  While I’ve been gathering my thoughts about where I want to go in 2014 with the blog and my life, I found myself asking for guidance from my higher being.

Then it presented itself…..in more ways than one….in the same day!

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