More Rubber Boots!!!

More Rubber Boots!!!

I don’t know why but I have acquired this “fetish” for rubber boots!!

Maybe it’s from growing up in Oregon where it rains  A LOT and now, living in Texas where it rains VERY LITTLE, it reminds me of my childhood!

Do you remember last year when I took a pair of my husbands old rubber work boots, painted them and turned them into planters…….


…….and this year when I found these lovely beauties at the thrift store and added some faux flowers for the front porch.

IMG_7756 IMG_7783

They’ve moved to the side porch as they didn’t really go with my theme but I really longed for more boots so, I found the cutest little pair of children’s galoshes on Ebay for $3!


Aren’t they adorable????!!!!

All I did was add some faux flowers, set them by my message chalkboard and they are perfect!!!!!Continue reading

Summer “wreaths”!

Summer “wreaths”!

I can’t believe it’s already June!

Only 6 months until Christmas!!

I know, I know!!!


Been working on the summer front porch and wanted to show you some progress!


Although I love wreaths, I wanted something “different” for the front doors.Continue reading

Getting the porch ready for summer

Getting the porch ready for summer

It’s time for a change on the front porch.

As you know, I like to change it up with every season or special holiday.

Last summer, I had it looking like this………..

IMG_4630 IMG_4641

If you’d like to see more, you can see the whole thing HERE!


This year I’ve decided to go a different route………

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Working on Spring

Working on Spring

One of the things that sold us on our home were all the live oak trees in the backyard……..twelve (hence, “Twelve Oaks Manor“)!

They are a thing of beauty and create a beautiful canopy from the summer sun, especially in July and August when our Texas temperatures are usually 100 degrees or better.


Yes, they are beautiful………..

………..except in the Spring!!!!Continue reading

Rain Boots on the Porch

Rain Boots on the Porch

Last summer I took a pair of my husbands rubber boots and spray painted them…… can see that HERE!

This year I found a pair of rainboots at the local thriftshop for $5.00 (no painting required)!!

IMG_7753 IMG_7756

I love the “sunniness” and color they bring to the porch!

Filling them with some flower sprigs I found on sale at Hobby Lobby made them complete!!!


Such a simple change and update!!!

IMG_7785 IMG_7786

I’m anxious to keep them out during summer and change them around with tall sunflowers, bluebonnets or Indian paint brush (all things TEXAS!) Any type of flower will do!!!


Keep your eyes open for sales on sweet rain boots like these!!!  They are everywhere!!!


Happy Spring!!!


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The Life of a Lamp Shade

The Life of a Lamp Shade

If  you remember when we repurposed our kitchen eating area, I purchased a new lamp for the desk and asked for your help in deciding the type of shade to use.

Little did I know that a simple white lamp shade would go thru so many transformations!!!

The original lampshade…..


Many of you suggested covering it in burlap, painting, stenciling, adding various fringes or adornments.

At first, I just wrapped a burlap ribbon around the center…..


……..that didn’t do it for me!


Next, I decided to paint.  I thought I wanted the shade darker so I mixed some paint samples I had lying around the house…..


The color was a yummy chocolate ice-cream color…….


This is after one coat.  I read that after painting, it is a good idea to place the shade on your lamp and turn it on.  Such great advice!!  You can see where it needed more paint.  I painted my second coat while the shade was on the lamp.


There were still a couple of spots that I just touched up with a small brush.

It still wasn’t right.


I tried adding a magnetic flower…..


and although I loved how my new orchid played off the darker color….


…….it was just too dark even with the bulb on.  Even though I don’t need it for task lighting, as I have a ceiling light above, it just fell flat in my book.


What to do now??!!

I decided to just buy a new shade!  By this time, I was tired of thinking about it anymore and I wanted something with a burlap feel but also a spring/summer “vibe” to coordinate with my new orchid!  This is what I came up with.


$12.99 at a local craft store!


Although I wanted to create some grand project out of a standard shade, sometimes it’s just best to let it go and buy one already done!


 Call me lazy but I’m happy with it…….til Fall!!!


Happy Spring Everyone!!!


Happy Easter

Happy Easter


Happy Easter!!!!


We celebrated with a lovely brunch………..

IMG_7749 IMG_7740 IMG_7742

This is how everyone felt after our bellies were full!

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Easter touches in the Kitchen!

Easter touches in the Kitchen!

I’ve added just a couple of touches to the kitchen for Easter……

I love to decorate my three-tier stand for the seasons………


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Easter’s on its Way!!

Easter’s on its Way!!

Happy Spring Everyone!!!

We are finally ready for the Easter Bunny!!!

Feels like I’ve been tweaking my home daily to get ready for Spring!!!

You can read and see about my first spring touches HERE!

Mr. and Mrs. Bunny greet everyone in the living room…..

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Spring Mantel–take 2!!

Spring Mantel–take 2!!

So, if you’re a regular reader, you know I’ve been struggling with my Spring mantel.

You can see my post on my first Spring mantel HERE, but in a nut shell, this is what I came up with….


After days of struggling with what would be perfect, I decided that was crazy and I came up with something that made me happy.

Perfect?  Maybe not.

But sometimes I believe I spend too much time and energy creating the perfect mantel,  vignette or whatever”, and I promised myself I would keep things simple this year.  So, here’s my final draft……Continue reading