More Rubber Boots!!!

More Rubber Boots!!!

I don’t know why but I have acquired this “fetish” for rubber boots!!

Maybe it’s from growing up in Oregon where it rains  A LOT and now, living in Texas where it rains VERY LITTLE, it reminds me of my childhood!

Do you remember last year when I took a pair of my husbands old rubber work boots, painted them and turned them into planters…….


…….and this year when I found these lovely beauties at the thrift store and added some faux flowers for the front porch.

IMG_7756 IMG_7783

They’ve moved to the side porch as they didn’t really go with my theme but I really longed for more boots so, I found the cutest little pair of children’s galoshes on Ebay for $3!


Aren’t they adorable????!!!!

All I did was add some faux flowers, set them by my message chalkboard and they are perfect!!!!!





They make me smile every time I see them!!!!  I’ll place some flags in them for the 4th of July!

I can just envision them during Christmas or even Valentine’s Day!!  Not a bad porch accessory for $3!!

There’s  a lot more to come!!!…………

Until next time…………




  1. I think that’s a fun little obsession. Here’s the question…if you place rain boots around…will the rain come? We can hope right? Hopefully not of flood proportions like we’ve gotten lately. :)

  2. Those little galoshes are perfect on the porch. They are just darling and my favorite pair. That is kind of a fun little “collection” to have! xo Diana

  3. They are perfect on your beautiful porch! Have a great weekend! Hugs, Maria

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