Working on Spring

Working on Spring

One of the things that sold us on our home were all the live oak trees in the backyard……..twelve (hence, “Twelve Oaks Manor“)!

They are a thing of beauty and create a beautiful canopy from the summer sun, especially in July and August when our Texas temperatures are usually 100 degrees or better.


Yes, they are beautiful………..

………..except in the Spring!!!!

IMG_7556 IMG_7555 IMG_7561

This is our backyard from mid March thru…….NOW!!


Every weekend we are blowing and bagging leaves!  I think at last count we’ve set out close to 50 large garbage bags for the trash men (they LOVE us!)

IMG_2495 IMG_7562 IMG_7564

You see, unlike most trees whose leaves drop in the fall, live oaks drop their leaves in the spring.


We are finally starting to feel like we are getting a handle on it and the leaves have stopped falling except for an occasional renegade or two!!!

We are slowly working our way back to this……..

IMG_5351 IMG_5280 IMG_4254 IMG_2098

I think another couple of weeks should do it!

IMG_2330 IMG_2332

Wish us LUCK!!!




  1. Love that backyard. It must have taken years to get it to this shape.

  2. I so love your beautiful backyard…a wonderful oasis and you have done such a fabulous job….I never realized how many leaves are dropped in Spring!…have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mother’s Day!!!

  3. Very nice. I can just picture me there with a pitcher of margaritas or two! Mike could mulch the leaves. Or is that asking too much? JK! My neighborhood has just recently gotten the green organic bins. Which can be used for for leaves, branches, grass clippings amongst other organic waste. You would still have to rake or use the lawn mower to pick up the leaves. But it would save you in the long run from buying trash bags and getting charged for extra bags of leaves to be picked up. The green bin gets picked up once a week.

    PS…..I available for margaritas any time! 😉

  4. It’s like a resort in your backyard. So beautiful!

  5. LUCK LOL! Oh that hot tub looks fantastic right about now Angela. Enjoy your Mother’s day weekend!

  6. Oh I feel you! Mine is pine needle. And leaves. It looks like a forest threw up in my backyard most days. Even when the leaves are gone, the winds blow the needles loose. It’s a constant battle.

    Your backyard is fantastic. Love all the seating areas, the hot tub and all the pathways.

  7. Ugh!! This brings back memories. We used to have a tree like that (don’t know if it was an Oak or not) but in the Spring it was soooooo annoying to clean up after, I just gave up. The tree helped shade the house though, so we kept it long after we should have cut it down. Turned out that was one of the first things the new owners did. Good for them!

    Your backyard looks beautiful! I know it was a labor of love and you must enjoy spending well deserved time out there.


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