The Life of a Lamp Shade

The Life of a Lamp Shade

If  you remember when we repurposed our kitchen eating area, I purchased a new lamp for the desk and asked for your help in deciding the type of shade to use.

Little did I know that a simple white lamp shade would go thru so many transformations!!!

The original lampshade…..


Many of you suggested covering it in burlap, painting, stenciling, adding various fringes or adornments.

At first, I just wrapped a burlap ribbon around the center…..


……..that didn’t do it for me!


Next, I decided to paint.  I thought I wanted the shade darker so I mixed some paint samples I had lying around the house…..


The color was a yummy chocolate ice-cream color…….


This is after one coat.  I read that after painting, it is a good idea to place the shade on your lamp and turn it on.  Such great advice!!  You can see where it needed more paint.  I painted my second coat while the shade was on the lamp.


There were still a couple of spots that I just touched up with a small brush.

It still wasn’t right.


I tried adding a magnetic flower…..


and although I loved how my new orchid played off the darker color….


…….it was just too dark even with the bulb on.  Even though I don’t need it for task lighting, as I have a ceiling light above, it just fell flat in my book.


What to do now??!!

I decided to just buy a new shade!  By this time, I was tired of thinking about it anymore and I wanted something with a burlap feel but also a spring/summer “vibe” to coordinate with my new orchid!  This is what I came up with.


$12.99 at a local craft store!


Although I wanted to create some grand project out of a standard shade, sometimes it’s just best to let it go and buy one already done!


 Call me lazy but I’m happy with it…….til Fall!!!


Happy Spring Everyone!!!



  1. I love the flower lampshade. You gave us a great idea!

  2. GREAT choice. I love it- it is much better than any of the alternatives (she said nicely)….xo Diana

  3. Now that’s perfection! I love the bird…I have a shade that is kind of similar to that.

  4. Love it!

  5. The exact comment I had in my head was “Love it!” And the first thing that came up when I clicked comment was the above comment “Love it!” haha

  6. Love it sis…tell Mike to move his computer!

  7. I love it!!!…It is perfect!!!

  8. Perfect!

  9. I love the new lamp shade! I’m glad you gave yourself permission to buy what you wanted. I’ve been trying to do that too.

  10. You crack me up! All those changes and you ended up buying one! Love it!

    Although I do like the one you bought the best, I really like the color of the painted shade, but as I was reading I was thinking ‘uh oh…it’s going to be too dark’. I’m smart that way 😉


  11. Ok Angela.. when you go to get rid of this bird lampshade.. I want to buy it 😉 I love it……..

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