Help Me Decide, Please!!

Help Me Decide, Please!!

I have two potential projects……..

…..I can’t decide what to do!

Project #1:

To paint or not to paint?


I picked up this replica of a Scales of Justice at my local market.  It was in the “sale” shopping cart, just kinda tossed in, priced at $20. Obviously, in my cart it went!  When I got home and removed the new sticker price to reveal the original, my jaw dropped…..$99!  Score!!!

Anyway……I digress…..


I think it will be fun to decorate and change-up throughout the year but here’s my problem……

I think it’s too dark!  It’s hard to see on my black kitchen island.  Could you even tell it has a fabulous little bird perched on the top?  NO!

I’m thinking painting a cream and then distressing?

What would you do???

Any and ALL suggestions are accepted, please!!!

Side Note:  I’m also considering painting the kitchen island cream and distressing.  What’s your thoughts about that??!!


Now, Project #2:

I bought the lamp on sale at Home Goods a couple of weeks ago and set it on my new kitchen computer work space area and it’s perfect for there.

Except the lampshade……………


I’m thinking it’s too white!!

I’ve thought about painting it, stenciling it, fabric covering it or just getting a new shade altogether (or am I nuts, and should just leave it white?).

What would you do???

Any and all suggestions accepted here, too, please!!!

Thanks and I’ll let you know what you all decided!!!

Until next time……..



  1. I would paint the kitchen. I think that would be beautiful. Not sure about painting the scale cause I love it the way it is. But I’m sure it would look great if you painted it.

  2. Girl those are big questions! I personally like white shades because they let out more light. Maybe you could embellish it some to make it more to your liking…or make it a little fancier. It looks pretty there. There’s always the option of burlap too if you really hate the white.

    That scale is awesome! You’ll have so much fun with it since you can put goodies in the bowls and hang things from it. Jealous of that purchase. Hmmm….don’t decide about painting the island based on a decorative item you bought. Can you put a runner under the silver tray? You could always paint the scales a lighter color just to see….if you don’t like it you could paint it back. I think the island painted lighter would be pretty but the counter would stay the same wouldn’t it? I’m no help!!

  3. Oh decisions decisions!! I think I’d paint the kitchen island first and see how that works out as a change for ya (I just know if I didn’t like the painted island I could always repaint it back ). BTW that is a score & it is super duper cute!! It would have jumped right into my cart as well. Ok…lampshade. I’d embellish it with maybe some burlap flowers and some cool bling…

  4. Um….for your lamp….if you found a string of color beaded fringe you could hot glue it around the top. Or find a way to pin it on. That way you dont have to buy a new shade when you get tried of it, just change the fringe. And for your other project…try a table runner first. But if you just have to paint…accent the bird, since you want to show that off!

  5. The lamp, I would embellish it. I usually add fringe with hot glue. if you get tired of it, take it off. Add a tall decorative finial and you could always faux the lamp shade. The scale is perfect! Maybe add something lighter under it. I would need to see your whole kitchen to see if the island should be painted. Good luck deciding.

  6. Hi Angela…personally I like the scale the way it is but if you want to do something different painting and distressing sounds good. As for the lamp, why not cover it with one of those beautiful burlap patterns.

  7. I did notice the bird on top, but I had to look very closely. lol! Still, I would paint it and then distress it and let some of the dark show through. Would look awesome! I think doing a little something to the light would make it pop. Even if it’s just to add a bit of burlap or lace. Depending on the look you like. I have a Pintrest board, ‘lights that delight’. Here’s the link if you’d like to see if there’s anything there that might inspire you.

  8. I think for the shade I would, personally, leave it white because I like the extra light you get from it. If you don’t need the light I think burlap might be pretty cute for a shade. If you paint the piece white and distress it a bit you can decide if you like it or not. If not-repainting it is an easy fix. I think it would look splendid either way- xo Diana

  9. I have been spray painting some darker items that were not showing well because of the dark color. I’m so glad I did!! I could hardly see the scale because it was dark but I’ve also found that in real life our eyes distinguish things better than photos. Just today I spray painted with Rustoleum Heirloom White. Strange though. Its warm weather, no wind. I shook can. But first coat came out blotchy and rough, not smooth. I’ve not had that happen in a long time –after a bit of spraying it got smoother but I recommend test spraying first. Krypton did not seem to do this yet its cheaper paint. Nor valspar.
    So project one–paint!! See if you like it not distressed. The Heirloom White of Rustoleum is a very nice color.
    Project number two. I’d say get a new fun shade if you can find one that works. Most shades out now do not fit my type of lamp. I need a straight across shade. One could always convert the other lamp to take the straight across wire shade or the fits down in the lamp shade. My kind of lamo cannot be adapted. If getting a shade is too hard, I’ve seen cute ones with a stripe or two added for interest–showcased on Pinterest. Good luck with your projects!!!

  10. Oh gosh! I’m so crazy with reno decisions I’m the last person to advise! I’ll be interested in seeing what you do though!

  11. Love the scale and I would NOT paint it. Love the lamp, and I would stencil it:)

  12. Angela, I wanted to let you know in case you are thinking about doing something to your lampshade…I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and ran across a couple of things that you could easily use. In the lamp section they have clips that can be added to shades. In the area where faux fruit is (of all things) they had really cute burlap type flowers that could be snipped off and hot glued to the shade. Also, I saw some neat burlap ruffle/ribbon you could put on the shade. Just some ideas because I thought of you at Hob Lob!

  13. I like the scale in black…those scales are pretty much made to be a dark metal…by using something like the silver platter that you have or a tray it would be a contrast from the black on the island…great buy!….I like the shade as is as it is shown…simple, classic..

  14. Love the scale! I think your island would look amazing painted cream (then the scale would stand out :)

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