Thrift Store Finds

Thrift Store Finds

thritfstore finds

I love getting gift cards as gifts……..

…….especially from Good Will!!!


I had no idea Good Will even gave gift cards!!

My daughter gave me one for my birthday back in October and I just now got around to spending it!

We took a day to go shopping at all the Goodwill’s around town!!! We actually have 4 that I know of but have a hunch there are more!!!


Today was “metal” day for me…….


My first find was this brass “pot”……I think it’s a decorative planter but has no holes in the bottom.

I love the detail of the gargoyle heads on the sides!!!


Of course, when I put it in my cart I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do with it but I knew one day, I would!


When I repurposed our kitchen eating area, I felt I needed to add a plant and the brass pot worked perfectly!

IMG_7442 IMG_7441

I just set the plant in the pot for now and covered the top with spanish moss!


Next, I found this wonderful copper rectangular pot!  I can’t believe someone just gave this away!


I have yet to find the perfect place for it but, for now, it sits by my kitchen island with a garland of yellow pip berries and an old wooden spoon nestled inside!

IMG_7439 IMG_7434

I tried to polish the copper a little but it wouldn’t shine up so I decided it was beautiful just the way it was!IMG_7435

My last metal treasure is this beautiful silver piece.  I think it looks like a shamrock!


 It’s perfect for parties to set out nuts, candies or use as a condiment holder!

IMG_7461 IMG_7464

I know when my hubby gets home and sits down at his computer, these will be gone!! (I need do to something “crafty” with that purple computer mouse pad…..soon!).

IMG_7473 IMG_7475

There ya go!  Not a bad day thrifting at Goodwill on someone else’s dime!  Thank you my sweet daughter for the awesome gift card!

Until next time……..



  1. Must be Gucci Goodwill cause I never find anything this good when I go. You should turn the planter to show off the lion knocker…or is it a buda face? You could use the other for magazines if you get tired of it in the office kitchen. And nuts for a nut? Sorry Mike! Looking fab Angie! ♥

  2. I think the brass container is an ice bucket. Love your finds!

  3. Your finds are fabulous and I had no idea you get get gift cards from goodwill either! I’m going thrifting today and I hope I find some things as wonderful as you did!

  4. Way to go! I love the pot that you put your plant in. I’ve been looking for a basket or pot for one of our plants (it’s a little larger than yours) and they are so expensive. You did great. :)

  5. I can’t decide what I love the most… All great finds!

  6. I’m coveting that copper pot Angela and I can’t believe someone gave that away either. There are so many ways you can use it, or you can simply let it be a decorative piece in and of itself. It’s hard to see exactly how large it is or how deep, but it can maybe be used to hold towels in a bathroom, kitchen utensils, or a whole bunch of chocolate covered raisins. They’re my fav :)

    And seriously, you have four Goodwills? And who knew about gift cards?! Clever daughter you have there.

    Have a great weekend my friend!

  7. It sounds like the Goodwill Olympics with all the metals (medals-I know). You got the brass and the copper and the silver. Whoo Hooo. GREAT finds! xo Diana

  8. Beautiful sis…amazing pots at a Good will!

  9. Angela, what super great finds! I love Good Will! Your planter and basket are gorgeous. Enjoy your weekend!

  10. Great fiinds Angela…did not know that GW had gift cards!…I must say that I love the square copper pot with that gorgeous handle!!!…love what you did with it!!!…Have a great weekend!

  11. I LOVE Goodwill and Thrift Town… I just love a good buy….

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