Master Bedroom Changes

Master Bedroom Changes

It was time for some changes in the master bedroom.




I’ve been looking for a new bedspread since before the holidays but they are so hard to find since we have an extra deep, pillow top mattress.  A normal sized king duvet or quilt just will not fit well. I knew I needed a bedspread but would use it as a coverlet.  It also could not be too heavy since we live in South Texas and it just does not get cold here very often.  When we do experience the occasional “frigid” night, we just pull the blanket up on the end of the bed.  Otherwise, in the summertime, it’s usually just sheets and a ceiling fan!!


After months of searching Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Soft Surroundings and other various suppliers, I realized I couldn’t and didn’t want to spend that kind of money!  Don’t get me wrong…..if I could spend that without my hubby giving me “that look”, I would but, honestly, I also love the hunt of a bargain (or at least a good product on clearance)! So, after scouring Ebay and Amazon, I finally found it!!



It’s a French Tile Bedspread from Lifestyle. It has a wonderful quilt look and the feel and texture are top-notch!


The first thing I did to update the room was remove the rug from under the bed and I am thrilled!!  I know,……I know, everyone likes a rug under the bed but I don’t miss it at all!  Again, living in South Texas where it’s generally warm more often than not, it actually feels good to have a cool floor under your feet.  I picked up a couple of white shag rugs for each side of the bed so when we first get up in the morning, our “tootsies” touch something soft!


This spread is also plenty big at 118×120!  It still doesn’t reach to the floor but with my bed skirt, it’s just fine!


Next, came the pillow shams. I wanted Pottery Barn pick stitch and have been keeping my eye open for them on sale.  Sure enough, PB had a warehouse sale and free shipping so two king size white shams made their way to my house!


I love soft blue in a bedroom and wanted to incorporate that color.  So, once again I was on the prowl for standard size light blue PB pick stitch shams.  I struck gold with Ebay ……$20 for two!  It was all coming together!

IMG_7247 IMG_7250

Lastly, I found some brown and white checked euro shams for $5 a piece on Ebay.  I knew they would work and bought them even before I bought the bedspread!

IMG_7255 IMG_7179 IMG_7145

To finish off the look, I wanted a throw or coverlet to fold at the end of the bed (love that look)!  I found this on Ebay again which was perfect!


One side has a floral pattern and the other inspirational words (in brown lettering).  I love that I can reverse the coverlet, should I desire, and it came with two king shams so I can change things up a bit when I get tired of this look!


I kept thinking I wanted to find a trunk for storing my extra pillows when Kim from Savvy Southern Style revealed her trick for hiding pillows! Thanks, Kim… it was genius!!!

IMG_7373 IMG_7376 IMG_7243 IMG_7242

Once my settee was painted, it fit in well with the whole color scheme!

IMG_7378 IMG_7379

It’s a nice update but it’s still not quite done…..


……I mean, are our rooms every really done?!

I’d love to know what you think !

Have a wonderful day…….



  1. It all looks great and very pulled together. You scored some fabulous buys. So glad I inspired you to hide those extra pillows in a fun way.

  2. Very nice! I know who to turn to when I redecorate!

  3. Wow Angela…you so beautifully put together this gorgeous room using great resources and saved lots of money!….Truly spectacular….great, great job!!!

  4. Your room looks great, Angela. I love it when you find things over a bit of time and it all pulls together so beautifully. I LOVE that bedspread and the bare floors in your bedroom. xo Diana

  5. Wow Angela !you did a great job.I love it all Thanks !!!!

  6. It looks like eBay and you are besties now! Pretty great deals, and more importantly, you got exactly what you wanted.

    I really like the look of the floor without the rug. It’s fresher and cleaner looking, and you’re right, you don’t need a heavy rug in Texas!

    I have a pillow top king also, and my favorite thing in the entire world is the silk comforter I got on eBay several years ago. It’s lightweight, but provides warmth when needed. I’m heading over there now just out of curiosity to see if they still sell it.

    Love the room Angela! Enjoy it.

  7. I really like how your room looks!! I too like the hunt for my vision. And the mix and match looks great. Thank you for sharing! Oh…that pillow trick is a great idea!!!

  8. Wow, love the new look of your bed….and I totally agree with the quilt over the foot of the bed. I love that look too!

  9. Angela, it looks gorgeous! I love your new pillows! Everything came together so beautifully!

  10. It looks great and that is a wonderful tip! I love both sides of your coverlet!

  11. Very pretty Angela. I love that bedding and that was a really clever idea of Kim’s. I have to give it a try!

  12. I lost my comment in the middle of it, but your bedding turned out beautifully!

  13. I love the bed frame itself. Where might I find it?

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