“Love” at the Manor-Valentine’s Day

“Love” at the Manor-Valentine’s Day

Welcome to The Manor!  Let me share our love!!

I like to adorn my mantle….


You can see all the details HERE!

Other little love touches around the room….

IMG_6998 IMG_6996 IMG_6997 IMG_7060

The dining room ……

IMG_7042 IMG_7038 IMG_7040 IMG_7041

The Kitchen…..


Dollar Tree hearts dropped into my winter dollar tree vase add just enough “love”.


A few more hearts and a paper doily along with red candles complete the look.


The other side of the kitchen gets the pink hearts from dollar tree along with some paper straws found in the $1 row at Target.  My homemade pink sugar completes the look.IMG_7121

A simple wine cork heart adds a little touch of fun….

IMG_6987 IMG_6990

More red hearts embellish the sideboard in the eating area….

IMG_7021 IMG_7020 IMG_7022

Here’s an easy DIY…I took a white canvas, painted it with chalk paint, attached some stickers and hot glued red glitter hearts to it!!

Anyone could do this!!!IMG_7023 IMG_7026

A little Frenchy love on the “chalkboard door”!IMG_7029

The Boudoir……

IMG_6950 IMG_6934

Finally, the Front Porch…..

IMG_7115 IMG_7049 IMG_7108

You can see the full porch HERE!

I hope you can feel the LOVE from our home to yours!

Bonne St. Valentin



  1. We’ll look at you Ms.Romantic! Love it!

  2. You have LOTS of touches, Angela, and they are all beautiful. I really love that heart shaped “bulb” that hangs. You did a wonderful job decorating for romance and love! xo Diana

  3. There is definitely love in the air in your home!!!…Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

  4. Angela, you surely have decorated beautifully. Hope it was a wonderful celebration of V’s Day.


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