Winter Home Tour

Winter Home Tour

I know it’s February……….

…… fact, I’m tweaking my house for Valentine’s day today,


I wanted to post my winter home tour (since I’ve never done one!). So, here ya go!


I kept things very simple this season!

I think it’s because there is so much decorating during Christmas that I enjoy the barrenness and simplicity of Winter!

So, I just added a few touches!

My mantel was winterized with woodland animals and pinecones (doused with some silver and gold, of course!)!!


You can see more details HERE if you wish!



I kept some faux greenery in my clock scale and added some typography apples!


They’re just the right touch!


I brought my crystal cookie and biscuit jars back out and added a vase from the dollar store filled with nuts!


Perfect for winter!  A small silver tray underneath is used to catch shells when company’s over and they feel like crackin’!



Fresh cedar branches were brought in from the yard to add a touch of green!

You can read more about my “cedar touches” HERE!!





Isn’t this the cutest little cup and saucer??!!  I found it at Dollar Tree, of course!


Of course, the Front Porch took on a new look!


You can see more pictures and details HERE!!

Like I said, I’m now working on tweaking things with little LOVE touches here and there!  More to come!

Happy Winter!!

Until next time……..



  1. Very pretty. Love your clock scale and the collection of wood cutting boards.

  2. You sure know how to take away the winter blues Angela. LOVE the nuts in the jar too, very clever!

  3. Still fitting in many places with all the snow all over the country! We do rush through the seasons in blogging… and I appreciate a good Winter decor tour :) I was in California so I skipped it this year. Fun seeing yours!!

  4. Beautiful! As always, you’ve given me a few decorating ideas.

  5. Of course I am really new on you blog, but gosh, I love your house. I want to ask what your walls are….. texture or sponge painted or what? And thank you for the tour.

  6. gorgeous!!! Love the way you arrange everything

  7. Love the touches you did and your clock scale….well if it ever turns up missing….it wasn’t me LOL Love it!

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