Winter Porch

Winter Porch

I finally finished my Winter Porch…….

…..will probably tweak it next week for Valentine’s Day!!


Like many others, I’m beginning to embrace the feeling of barrenness after the holidays and decided to keep it that way on the porch

I found some simple green fabric with tiny white flowers and created some pillows!

IMG_6836 IMG_6834 IMG_6829

I really like the green against the black and white!


I found this beautiful pine cone fabric….


It’s hard to tell in the pictures, but the pinecones are traced in gold….



Finished off my fresh cedar door swags with a couple of simple bows!


Also added a simple throw to the swing!!!


Just right for winter, I think!

Today, I heard the birds chirping……

a sure sign that spring is just around the corner!!



Until next time……..



  1. Wait one minute Missy! What’s that I see?! You made pillows? Whooooooohooooooo! I’m so proud of you :)

  2. It’s beautiful!!! Love the green and black.

  3. I love that combo of green and black. It’s so cold here have not even looked at my porch!

  4. Your beautitufl porch makes me smile as it reminds me that Spring will soon follow our really cold temps here! There was a light dusting of snow on our steps a couple days ago! Love the black/white and green!!

  5. Sooo pretty, Angela! Love that shade of green! Your porch looks so pretty!

  6. So Cozy and I absolutely love the color combo green and black!

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