A Little Vignette

A Little Vignette

I love creating vignettes!! 

Especially when they tell a story!


Let me tell you the story of this vignette….

It’s a simple spot in my living room that people pass by everyday to reach the kitchen and as they do, their eyes may look upon different things and perhaps they will stop, take a moment to look closer, ask questions and reflect.


That, in my book, is a perfect vignette!!

Precious heirlooms grace the chair seat to include a German Bible that was my grandmothers and is dated 1863.  It’s written all in German and the pages are falling out……I LOVE IT!


I received the spectacles at the same time as the Bible. They were the fashion “back in the day”!


The second Bible is called The Holy Bible Complete and How To Understand It.  The title makes me smile every time I see it because there have been plenty of times I’ve tried to understand things in the Bible and I never will!!!


My parents had this Bible in their attic and when they asked if I wanted it, I was ecstatic!


It, too, is falling apart (a sign of its beautiful history) and has a marriage certificate attached to the front cover dated 1863!  Even though I don’t know the history or the people who owned it, the tales and stories I can make up in my mind make the possession of it priceless!!


I added this new pillow cover I bought from Ann of On Sutton Place.  Have you seen her Etsy shop?  Her things are beautifully crafted and exceptional!! Thanks, Ann!!  Here’s a perfect example of blending new with vintage and they harmonize so well.

The sentiment simply added the feeling I wanted to convey…..do you do that too?  Try to convey feelings in your decorating?  I do.  I think that’s one of the differences between a house and a home.  Your home must have feeling!  Other people, even strangers, will sense that and admire it!


My final personal touch is one of my favorite Christmas gifts this year…..


….a framed wedding picture from my son and daughter-in-law!  I’m not a big displayer of family photos.  In fact, this is the only one you’ll find!  But, I love it!  We are a family built on a strong foundation and  that’s what this whole vignette is for me.  Family……past and present. Love, graciousness and history!


I hung a little burlap heart (a Xmas ornament on sale for $1) from the corner.  Now, it’s ready for Valentines Day as well!!


And there you have a perfect vignette in my book! I hope you felt the feelings behind it and when you look around your home to create a “little spot”, your objects will speak to you as well!

Until next time……..


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  1. Once again, a beautiful vignette.

  2. This was such a lovely post Angela! I was brought to a place that existed many, many years ago and like you, tried to imagine the history behind the bibles. If only they could talk!

  3. Angela, that spot is beautiful, especially the Bible. It’s neat that you have given so much thought to creating your home. You know, I didn’t used to display family pictures very much. Now I can’t seem to get enough of them…I think it’s because time just seems to be flying and I miss my little boys.

  4. I love both those old Bibles. How very precious that you have them. Wouldn’t you love to know the story behind that? I love your family picture. We have lots of family photos because of all the grandkids. xo Diana

  5. Love the pillow:) What a beautiful Bible that is Angela, a real beauty indeed!

  6. Angela,

    What a wonderful, wonderful story for your vignette! You go girl!

    Happy day to you!

  7. A perfect vignette indeed! I enjoyed the history so much! I too agree that’s what makes a house a home. We put a little bit of ourselves in each and every display. Love the photo too! Thanks for sharing it with SYC.

  8. I love all of the special, sentimental meaning in your vignette. I’m a sucker for anything German…my paternal grandfather was German. Lucky you…Ann is my favorite seamstress!

  9. Hi Angela, I’m vIsiting via Tammy’s blog hop and I do believe I’d like to come back – your newest follower. And yes, I love On Sutton Place designs. 😉
    Rita C. at Panoply

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