A New Year of FAITH!

A New Year of FAITH!

Hello everyone!!!

Did you think I disappeared in the land of forgotten blogs??!!!

I apologize for being away so long…..the holidays became crazy for me, with family visiting from out-of-state so I decided to make them and my sanity a priority!


But the new year is upon us and I’m ready to roll!!

I’ve noticed over the past few years of reading blogs that a lot of bloggers choose a word to help motivate or guide them throughout the year.

Honestly, when I first saw this tradition, I thought, “that’s not for me”!  But, as the new year presented itself to me, it spoke to me as well.

Although 2013 was a beautiful year with the marriage of our son, the year just wasn’t a positive one in my life and I’m so hoping the new year will be better.  While I’ve been gathering my thoughts about where I want to go in 2014 with the blog and my life, I found myself asking for guidance from my higher being.

Then it presented itself…..in more ways than one….in the same day!


Perfect for me!  I just felt a warmth consume my soul when the word became clear to me!


So, for the coming year, I will try to keep hold of FAITH and proceed forward with a skip in my step and a song in my heart!

I hope you join me on the journey!


NOW, the task of taking down my Christmas decorations still lyes ahead of me but I have FAITH that I will get it done in my own time without worrying about what anyone else thinks!!!




  1. What a perfect word, Angela. Welcome back! xo Diana

  2. Happy New Year Angie! Thanks for your inspirational post. I agree with you 100 percent. Life is full of ups and downs for all of us but without Faith, it would be unbearable. Here’s to a better year for all and thanks again for inspiring spiritually as well as creatively. Love, Pat

    PS – I think you are a gifted writer also.

  3. Thank you for sharing! I don’t make resolutions…sorta create intentions of what I’d like my life to be like. I haven’t chosen a word yet either but I love yours! 2013 was a horrid year for me and I want 2014 to be soooo much better, hopefully bringing peace. Faith is exactly what we need to move forward.


  4. Angela, I missed you! I was about to email you to see if you were doing ok, when I saw your new post.
    Beautiful word! Yes, Faith is all we need and it is what kept us sane all last year. I am also glad 2013 has come and go. It was a extremely difficult year for our family having our son on deployment, and although I did not share it at the time, the difficult times these sailor went through during that time did not make it easier for all of us here back home. We are looking forward to a new year, more family time and the piece of mind of knowing he is back in the USA.
    I hope 2014 is absolutely wonderful for you and your family. Big hug to you! Maria

  5. D@TheShadyPorch :

    Hi Angela! Glad you’re back…I did miss seeing you around. I love your word for the year it would do us all well to let this word guide and encourage us! Happy New Year wishes to you! D@TheShadyPorch

  6. In these times, I think we all should have that word in mind at all times…My word, “Live”…
    Happy New Year!

  7. Glad to see you’re back in the saddle cowgirl! Good word Angela. I didn’t realize 2013 was a difficult year, but let’s hope things get better. I don’t have an official word, but I guess I’m hoping for change so maybe I should make that my word…as long as it’s positive change ;).

  8. This truly could not be a better word. Covers a lot! Happy New Year Angela! XO

  9. Happy New Year Angela. Faith is a beautiful word and we all need it. Am looking forward to all your new ideas this year. Hope this coming year brings you and yours much happiness.

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