Sisal, Sisal Everywhere!

Sisal, Sisal Everywhere!

Have you noticed one of the latest trends is SISAL???!!!???

Well, I’ve fallen into its web of fascination, myself!


Sisal-1-PicMonkey Collage

After seeing Laura at Top This Top That give an ordinary bargain priced vase (or vessel) a new life…..I was a goner!

I didn’t even know where to buy sisal til Laura taught me!! Thank you, Laura!!


I headed to my trusty Home Depot, picked up some and went to town!!

My first project was this oil decanter I found on clearance….love the shape but it needed a little “somethin, somethin”…..


…..sisal around its neck… a scarf!

IMG_5239 IMG_5243


Then I had some burlap covered balls I found on sale that weren’t in really good shape so I gave them a facelift……


…….Sisal balls!

IMG_5265 IMG_5266 IMG_5269


Next, I had these two glass jugs we picked up on our Grand Canyon trip a couple of years ago from the Grand Canyon brewery.  After the brew was gone, they sat in my pantry for a year!


I liked the shape but didn’t really want “Grand Canyon Brewery” sitting on my counter, so…….


……Sisal covered Jugs!

IMG_5143 IMG_5144

They’ll be perfect for our fall “post wedding” party with a pretty burlap bow and filled with flowers or even a candle!

All of these projects were simple and easy.


All you need is a glue gun and a little time, depending on your project.

IMG_5239 IMG_5266 IMG_5144

My cost for all three projects, around $12 (which is the cost of two bundles of sisal, plus I have some leftover)!!

Sisal-1-PicMonkey Collage

Have you been bitten by the sisal trend??

Until next time…..





  1. Very cute, Ang! I am old enough to remember when we used it for things like wine bottles wrapped with it as candle holders. lol I love the looks but it makes me SO itchy I can’t touch it. xo Diana

  2. Love these projects, they are beautiful makes me want to make some for my fall decor!!

  3. So pretty, Angela! I love the sisal balls! Fabulous idea!

  4. What a great idea! I’m loving the sisal! Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

  5. You’ve been busy! I covered a vase with twine and it took me about 3 hours! They were much thinner and I used different colors which added to the time. I won’t do that again but I’ve definitely considered sisal. These turned out great!

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