For the Love of Silver Plate!

For the Love of Silver Plate!

I love silver plate………

platters, trays, cups, bowls……anything, really!



We’re hosting a post-wedding party in our back yard in October for our son and future daughter-in-law.

My vision is crisp white cotton tablecloths with a splattering of black and white checked linens, lots of burlap, crystal, candelabras, mercury glass, mason jars, candles, fall flowers such as mums and sunflowers, along with some hay bales and, of course, pumpkins, and lots of silver plate pieces!

So, I’ve been stocking up!

I LOVE to pick them up at thrift stores, Goodwill or Salvation Army……the grungier, the better!

I found this little guy for around $3 but he was a dirty mess…..


He was so grungy, I didn’t even see the monogram!  I think it’s a “B” but I’m telling myself it’s an “R” because that’s our initial!  It’s close enough, don’t you think??


Any type of scrolling or filigree is a particular favorite….

IMG_2931A “lot of” grungy….


A “little” grungy…..

Sometimes it’s hard to get it all off or I just get tired of rubbing….but I love the patina and character it gives a piece.  I certainly don’t like them to be perfect!!

Look at this little guy filled with gummy bears!!  Who doesn’t love gummy bears!!!


And this little guy….




I display a lot of my smaller “nuts and candy” dishes on my kitchen bar counter filled with various goodies….my family instantly gravitates to them when their home!



Mugs and cups are fun…….


I love to use them for flowers or silverware, even bread sticks!

IMG_5124 IMG_5132

Today, Miss Nicole is displaying them ever-so-sweetly!


I found this julep cup for $1.99…


Right now, I just placed a greenery orb on top of her….I love the dark green against the silver!

IMG_5113 IMG_5120


I absolutely love this little guy I found waaaaaay back on a shelf…


The details are fabulous…..notice the eagle heads on the handles?!


It’s perfect for candies or nuts!


This is my little “munchy” center!  I LOVE to have candies and nuts setting around.  It reminds me of my grandmother who always had a candy dish full of butter mints!! Sometimes my family will complain and say things like “mom, you’re making me fat” but when I don’t have those dishes full……I hear about it!



So, I ‘ll probably be heading to Goodwill or the nearest thrift store tomorrow to see what other “treasures” I can find!

I’m starting to work on several little projects for our big celebration in October that I will be sharing with you in the coming weeks!  I’m soooooo excited!!

Until next time…….



  1. Love it sis!

  2. I see silver go through auctions here all the time. I’ve never been a collector so I haven’t paid much attention to what they end up going for…I will be now :) Oh and gummy bears are one of my all time favorite goodies (Hasbro though)!!

  3. I love silver plate AND real silver, too. You found some really great pieces and your backyard wedding is gonna be beautiful! I was lucky enough to inherit some really beautiful pieces. xo Diana

  4. Great finds! Love the mint julep cup. That was a steal at $1.99! Congratulations on Nathan’s engagement! Exciting times ahead for your family.

  5. Cool and I like them grungy myself. Funny, I have a silver ice bucket that is grungy, I bought it from Goodwill, today I just noticed it has a C monogram LOL…Oh well, I like!

  6. Beautiful and so much fun going to the stores looking for them!! Please tell us how to clean them~!

  7. justagirlabby :

    Ooh the party sounds like it’s going to be absolutely lovely! Love the silver plate pieces and can’t wait to see the rest of your projects for it! Have a wonderful weekend, Angela!

    ~Abby =)

  8. Beautiful! It’s so fun to have a big event to plan and decorate for! I love all your silver!

  9. Just love your silver collection…I so love silver too…such a “happy” accessory as the light just bounces off of it…and adds such beauty to any room or decor!…

  10. Polished silver and silver plate can be so rich looking. Great finds, and you did a great job polishing them. I’m sure your son’s post-wedding party will be fabulous. I can’t wait to see the pictures.

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