Wooden Firecrackers!!!!!

Wooden Firecrackers!!!!!

I just love decorating my front porch for the Fourth of July!!!IMG_3951

You can see the whole Patriotic porch HERE!

But, I always try to add one more thing each year!

This year its Wooden Firecrackers!!!


These are so stinkin easy, it’s obscene!!!

I asked Hubby to cut some 4×4 posts we had leftover from our Arbor/Patio Construction.

I didn’t obsess about the exact measurements…..I just said…….

“I want em staggered”!!


He did fabulous!  I painted one red (crimson), white and navy blue! Sorry, no pics of actual painting. I was frantically looking for my camera!!

I drilled holes in the tops of the 4×4’s for copper wiring that I curved around a pencil and spray painted silver!


Wrapped the three together with some white rope we had lying around the house and spray painted a wooden star silver that I found in my craft box!!!




I love a project that is so simple, yet adds much punch!  The possibilities are endless with these….think of all the different adornments you could do!  I chose to keep it simple.


Right now, I have them by my front door but we have more 4×4’s so I think we’ll make one more to stagger on the stairs with my lanterns!


Maybe even make a taller set to place by the front door!

There ya go!!!  EASY PEASY!!  That’s my motto!

I’ve added a couple more “little” touches that I’ll share when the whole porch is done this weekend!

Next post, I’ll show you how I decorated the inside for the fourth but didn’t use any Red, White or Blue!

Here’s a peek!……


I think it’s the rebel in me!!


Until next time……….




  1. What fun! You know I love an easy, quick and inexpensive project. This is a great one!

  2. Super cute for super cheap…love it!!

  3. Well look at you little firecracker! These are adorbs:)

  4. Love your porch and adore those little flag pillows!

  5. Well, looks at those! They are REALLY cute!!! Promise me you won’t drink too much and light them on fire- there might be a disaster there!;>) xo Diana

  6. Angela!

    Happy Fourth to you! The firecrackers are so much fun!

    Happy day,

  7. Your porch is always picture perfect!!!! Love the cute new craft :)

  8. Super cute! I made some large ones years ago. Used them for a long time but finally got rid of them. We all need a little something new to ‘light’ up our holiday each year.

  9. Love the firecrackers and the porch looks great! I need to decorate my porch this week.

  10. Very nice 4th of July decorations. I love the wooden firecrackers!

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