Backyard Retreat #4—-Hot Tub & Deck

Backyard Retreat #4—-Hot Tub & Deck

Hi everyone!!

Well, we’re nearing the end of our Backyard Retreat series!

I hope y’all have enjoyed watching our backyard transform into our “stay-cation” place!


If you missed any of our series, my brother (who was in between jobs at the time) stayed with us for about a year and helped us make our dream backyard a reality!!  You can catch up here…..

Wooden Awnings

Hubby’s Shed/Shop

Extended Patio with Privacy Arbors

I think we saved the best for last (although there were days when it was 95 degrees out and we asked ourselves…”why didn’t we build this first so we could cool off in it?”!




You see, even though it’s a “hot tub”, we turn the heater off in the summer and use it as our mini pool!



This is how the space looked originally………


The work began……..

IMG_1149IMG_1151 IMG_1158

We wanted a space where people could stand at the hot tub, have a cocktail and enjoy some conversation with the people “inside” the tub while other people could sit on the deck, or the stairs leading into the water and also join in the fun!

So, construction began…..

IMG_1168 IMG_1176 IMG_1169 IMG_1177 IMG_1175 IMG_1174

More pavers were added to keep all the living spaces uniform….


(my dear hubby and beautiful sister-in-law)! Yes, everyone got in and helped!!


We’ve been enjoying the hot tub area for over a year now.  It is absolutely the best decision we’ve ever made!!!

Here are some recent pics………

IMG_4248 IMG_4252 IMG_4265 IMG_4254 IMG_4267 IMG_4269 IMG_4276

An aerial shot from the upstairs window!


There you have it!  Our little slice of heaven!

Many, many thanks to my brother, Mike, and sister-in-law, Peggy, for all their inspiration, help, love and laughs!

Many a good time has been had in this back yard and many, many more are sure to come!

Everyone’s welcome!!!

Until next time…………


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  1. What a wonderful backyard retreat you guys have created! You are so right in referring to it as a stay-cation place. Why go anywhere when you have a place like this at home? Especially in San Antonio.

  2. Very nice! We had a Cal Spa for a few years- that are a very nice unit. I like your idea of being able to stand next to it and visit someone that’s inside of it. I like the island plantings around the trees- looks awesome!

  3. Your backyard is an oasis for relaxation. Love it!! Hugs

  4. That’s just gorgeous! The whole backyard is a retreat. How wonderful that your brother could help you with that.

    My mom has a big hot tub like that. I don’t think she ever gets in it in the summer. Will have to talk to her about that.

  5. Just getting back from vacation and checking in to say Hi, Angela. Your backyard looks like a vacation in, and of, itself. I love the little world you have created there. Wonderful job- xo Diana

  6. When is the partay, I am on my way. Oh man this is nice Angie!~:) I just received the cutest rooster tin ever…XO I love it girl, thank you.

  7. It’s breathtaking…I cannot imagine how wonderful it is relaxing there both during the day and in the evening!…Your brother works magic!!….Just gorgeous!

  8. Love it!! I remember when we were in San Antonio we’d turn the heat off on my parents and sit in it like a mini pool :) It was a perfect way to cool off after exercising horses for the day.

  9. Oh my, how beautiful! I would have a hard time pulling myself away from that hot tub. Your back yard is amazing!!

  10. How fabulous!! Love your patio, hot tub, bar set up.

    Great idea!

  11. we have been wanting a hot tub for a while now. yours looks devine,, so does your backyard.

  12. Love your backyard! I would love to know more about the hot tub itself. I’m thinking of purchasing one. Please share any info..

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