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Backyard’s First Blooms

Backyard’s First Blooms

I spent the afternoon outside today…….

…….it’s beautiful here, 85 degrees and NO humidity!!

As I looked around, I noticed Mother Nature beginning her ‘magic’ and thought I’d share some of it with you!Continue reading

New Office/Guest Room!!

New Office/Guest Room!!

It all began with this blog.

I needed wanted an office of my own!

Hubby was willing to share his, but, truth be known….

…..I just want my own space!! :)

Enter the 2nd guest room!Continue reading

Cha cha cha changes!

Cha cha cha changes!

I’m a “tweaker” and a “piddler”!

You know what I mean, right?

I’m always ‘tweaking’ something here or ‘piddling’ on something there! When family calls and asks what I’m doing, I typically say,  “Oh, I’m just piddling”!

Although the satisfaction that comes from completing a big job is rewarding, I find just as much joy with the everyday “tweaks”!

I thought I would share what I “piddled” on, today!Continue reading