Backyard’s First Blooms

Backyard’s First Blooms

I spent the afternoon outside today…….

…….it’s beautiful here, 85 degrees and NO humidity!!

As I looked around, I noticed Mother Nature beginning her ‘magic’ and thought I’d share some of it with you!

Our honeysuckle is blooming proudly and smells heavenly!



My hydrangea are lovin’ being in pots this year!

This is about a week ago………..


……..this is today.


My fern is going nuts too!

A week ago………




My hummingbird family has not arrived yet so I picked up this little garden flag to keep me company until they get here! :)


I just love our giant Iris’………

Even when they’re not blooming, the greenery, form and design they give to the yard is massive!


Their beauty is amazing!  I just wish their blooms lasted longer than one day!


These little guys bloomed all thru the winter!!


I found this little gnome at Ross and he had to come home with me!! LOVE his color!!


As I sat to soak it all in, I looked up and this is what I see…….



Can you see why I love it here!  These oaks keep our Texas summers bearable! :)


Time to start the ‘bbq’!


Until next time……..



  1. Your garden is coming along nicely. I love all the little hidden surprises.

  2. You have gorgeous flowers!!!…I cannot believe your hydrangeas are starting to bloom!…I am anxiously waiting for mine to bud!

  3. Hydrangeas are one of my faves. Mine are all blue, so I like seeing the pink ones. Your flowers are really coming along very nicely. I just got some irises from my neighbor so am anxious to see what colors they are. XO, Pinky

  4. Your blooms are SO pretty and you are lucky to have so many so early (still waiting here!). I love your garden statues, too, and those are some gorgeous oaks!


  5. Yes, you are right! The weather has been fabulous! Great time to be outdoors. Your flowers are looking beautiful! I haven’t planted anything this year, don’t know whats wrong with me! LOL I think just tired. You have given me the inspiration to get going ! You have a beautiful garden.

  6. Angela, your garden is lovely. I take a stroll thru mine almost every morning. It just lightens the heart and mind. Those gorgeous oaks are a life saver!

  7. Love your garden! Great flowers! that green gnome is precious and I would love it, except ive seen too many scary movies so a major no-no in my house.

  8. Beautiful beautiful! Oh how I love those huge oak trees. There’s nothing prettier. Your flowers are all so pretty. I want to get some irises. My dad has them and he could share with no problem. :)


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