Cha cha cha changes!

Cha cha cha changes!

I’m a “tweaker” and a “piddler”!

You know what I mean, right?

I’m always ‘tweaking’ something here or ‘piddling’ on something there! When family calls and asks what I’m doing, I typically say,  “Oh, I’m just piddling”!

Although the satisfaction that comes from completing a big job is rewarding, I find just as much joy with the everyday “tweaks”!

I thought I would share what I “piddled” on, today!

I recently moved a beautiful, HUGE, candle to my entryway.  It was wrapped in a lovely scarf I purchased in Paris.


I love that scarf, but, it just didn’t look right once I moved the candle and I thought to myself “no one else will know that scarf came from France”, right? :)

Time for a change……



I picked up these star candle pics from Ebay and decided to add them to the candle.  You know us Texans, we have to have stars in and on our houses!!!


I’m really enjoying the change!  We have lots of family that visit from out-of-state and it makes a nice, subtle statement of “yes, I am in Texas”!

Can I get a big “YEE HAH”!!!! :)

I made another small change in the eating area of my kitchen that made a huge impact!

I’ve had this kitchen hutch for years!  It’s one of the first purchases we ever made for our home and I got it in Germany!


I’ve never really tired of it.  I just wanted something different without spending money on something new.

Answer?   I took off the top portion of the hutch!  It’s amazing how much it opened up the space!!


I added a lamp along with a burlap runner and a few “baubles”!


Finally, (but only for today!)……

I decided to change my pot rack in the kitchen.

After taking down my cabinet doors and painting the insides, I felt like my pots and pans were in the way and made it look cluttered.

(This is the only picture I could find with the pots still hanging….pre “painting the insides” phase !  You can see all the cabinet changes HERE)!


So I took them down and stored them away……….

…….now, what was I going to do??!!

I knew I wanted to add height to the pot rack and I wanted to place things on top of it.  After much thought of how I was going to pull that one-off, I remembered that I have a HUGE wicker/wood tray with iron on the sides. Truly a beautiful piece but almost too big to be really useful.


I set that bad boy on top of my pot rack!  I still need to figure out a way to securely attach it (any ideas?).  I added some lightweight accessories, a little greenery, a little burlap (of course!) and……


he’s like a new man!!!



So, there ya go!  Three small changes in one day!  It’s amazing how a little “tweaking” and “piddling” can transform a space!

So, how about you?  Have you tweaked or piddled lately?  I’d love to hear and get ideas!

Until next time……






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  1. My tweaking involves changing the mantel or coffee table around a bit! You made some major changes, my friend! And I love them all!! Taking the hutch off the cabinet looks fantastic, you’re right, it looks much roomier. The same for the pot rack. I just love how you added greenery to it. I’ve often thought of hanging pots over my island but I was afraid it would block views. This looks great! Love your candle, too!


  2. Love all your changes but I really like how the paint in the cabinets make your dishes stand out! Nice day of work for piddling! Blessings, D@TheShadyPorch P.S. Hope you’ll stop by and share your Changes at the party!

  3. I moved paintings and wall art around. I paint and showcase my work here in my home as well as local shops . So I move them around every so often for interest. It was noticed.. my GrandBella come in at 5:30 and immediately noticed that a piece she luvs was missing. Stop the world!!!
    Yes, I am a tweaker and a piddler as well :-)
    Hugs, Gee

  4. I’m forever moving stuff around and changing it out. I get bored easily! It looks good to me!

  5. Angela, your pot rack looks fabulous! What a gorgeous idea! And your hutch looks so pretty. Yes, I am always changing and rearranging! It is an illness! Being a tweaker and a piddler is what I do best! LOL

  6. creativehomeexpressions :

    That is some candle, Angela! I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that size before. I love the stars you added to it. Your pot rack looks great. Sometimes its nice to change things up like that and store some things away. I keep most of my stuff the same, but it’s always the little things I move around every once in awhile that my husband notices. He acts like it was a major renovation with a “What did you do now?”. : )

  7. I’m a tweaker and piddler too! I LOVE a day to just piddle and re-decorate! The pot rack looks just great! I didn’t read all the comments but I’d just wire the basket to the rack so it can’t fall if you need to. But who’s going to knock it down way up there? That candle looks great! Obviously there are no kids around there to knock it over…it wouldn’t last an hour in my house! LOL But it looks great in yours!

  8. Hi Angela! I’m a new Bloglovin’ and Google+ follower via the Bloglovin’ BlogHop! Nice to meet you.

  9. Looks great Angela! It’s all about the little things!

  10. Wow! You’re quite the piddler! I think you got me beat ;). The hutch is lovely, and you managed to get it here from Germany! I wouldn’t worry about securing the tray. It’s not going anywhere, but if you want, Velcro or wire would do the trick. Now I have to ask…what did you do with the pots?

  11. Sweetie, hardly a day goes by that I don’t tweak or piddle. lol! My sil came to pick up my grandie, Saydee today and he saw my counter tops all bare. He said, “are you changing out decor again?”. I laughed and said, “No, since they were sealing the granite in our basement refinish that I decided to have them redo it up here to”. Guess I’ll tweak it into something new tomorrow. Love the tray on the pot rack and yes, you Texans need your stars! I am not a Texan, but I love stars also.

  12. Love the stars, they look fabulous. All of your rooms look so inviting and you do have such lovely accessories. Very well done. Hugs, Marty

  13. Thanks so much for following me! I LOVE, love what you did with the potrack! I had one in my old house for MANY years and took it down, because I got tired of it looking cluttered too. This is wonderful! Love the cabinet too and that candle IS huge!!! XO, pinky


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