Bouncy Orbs!!

Bouncy Orbs!!

Since this post was made, I have updated my orbs again!!!  That post can be found here!

I have two urns that flank the sides of my top step before entering my porch.


I usually try to plant something springy in them each year but inevitably the deer eat them!  I love having the deer around but they LOVE my plants!  Consequently, I have to focus my flower planting to the back yard but I’m okay with that since the deer were here first!!

Back to my dilemma…….what do I do with the urns!  I searched for lanterns, birdhouses and orbs but they were all more than I wanted to spend.  I was trying to be “thrifty”!

After a few days of searching with no luck, I was walking through Target and saw the kids’ bouncy balls! (You know the ones in all the bright colors!)  I thought this might work and they were only $2.99—-SCORE!!!!

Now, what to do with them.

I tried paint which I liked…….


I tried grass which was okay but not really “thrifty” enough for me…..that carpet grass can get expensive when you have to cover a ball this size!!


Then I decided to marry the two and I placed the silver ball on a bed of bright green Spanish moss.  This is my end product!  Whatcha think?


A little paint, a little grass…..I’m happy!

I would give you a step-by-step tutorial but it’s so easy, I won’t bore you!

Buy the bouncy ball and spray paint in whatever color you’d like and spray the ball!  It’s that simple!!  My only advice would be to not rush and paint in thin, thin layers so the paint doesn’t run!  So, so simple and cheap!  Each orb ran under $10.


Now I wonder if the deer are going to approve?  I think they’d probably rather I plant something for dinner!!

Until next time………







  1. What a beautiful idea! You are so creative! Your front entrance looks amazing. I also love the wreaths on your doors. So pretty!

  2. Angela!

    I think they look so pretty! I really like the silver with the green! You go girl!


    • Thanks, karianne! I think I might to rethink it though…..we had a good gust today and they want bouncing down the street!!! Too funny!! Have a blessed weekend!


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