Trash to treasure?

Trash to treasure?

I love my cat, Pumpkin.  I really do.

Until she knocks one of my battery operated candles off a shelf that hangs 12 feet off the floor!  The candle sounded like it exploded when it landed….the cat flew, as well (but that’s a whole different story)!

Anyway, this is what I was left with….IMG_1791

Not pretty!  I wanted to find a way to reuse the candle because miraculously, although it was badly beaten, it still worked!

Well, I walked around my house for the next couple of days trying to come up with some inspiration…..nothing!

Then, it hit me!  I recently purchased a cloche from Pier One (LOVE) and had been looking for something to place under it.  You see the cloche is tall (approx. 2 feet) and I wanted something with a little height!

Yureeka!  The candle!!

So, I took some dried Spanish moss and wrapped it around the bottom of the candle to cover up the parts that broke in the fall and placed it under the cloche!

Very simple but quite lovely, especially during the evening when the candle’s timer sets it glowing.


It’s the little things, ya know?

Will this post change your life?  Nah!  But finding a new use for my candle made my day and I hope it will encourage you to find ways to re-purpose your little catastrophes!

Now, I need to find my cat!  She’s probably sitting on the shelf!

Until next time…..




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  1. You are so smart… If it were me… the poor candle would have ended up in the trash :(.
    It really looks GREAT! Thanks for helping me realize not to throw everything away!

    Love you,

  2. It looks amazing! I would have trashed it, too! Great solution!


  3. Hi, Angela! Thank you for your visit to my blog yesterday and for taking the time to leave a comment. It is very nice to meet you! I agree, this is the best time of the year to live in Texas, but today we got ourselves another windy day. :) Great idea on the candle! It looks beautiful inside the cloche. I am your new follower!

  4. Perfect solution! Nothing classes up a decoration like putting it under a cloche! :)

  5. Hi Angela,
    I am sure the cat has run off and hid. Can’t say as I blame him for being a scaredy cat. lol! Creative rescue of the candle. I would have sadly tossed it in the garbage. The addition of the moss is perfect and I love it under the cloche. Thanks so much for sharing with Share Your Cup. Hope you will share often! Now following you.


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