Dining Room

Dining Room

Aw…..the dining room!  It’s a lovely room but it only gets used once, maybe twice, a year!   It just seems the space could be utilized in a better way. Can you relate??? I have a couple of ideas in mind for the future  (a piano room or pub perhaps?!) but, for now, the room warms my heart as the table was my parents’ and the hutch, my grandmother’s. At this point, I’m not ready to part with them….I’m kinda a sucker for family heirlooms!!

Anyway……here is our dining room.  Please excuse the darkness.  The room does have a window, but it is sheltered from the front porch so not much natural light comes in.






Thanks for dining with us!




  1. I love heirlooms too. I also love your bar piece. It looks art deco.

  2. Thanks, Pat!

  3. Very pretty.. I know what you mean , my dining room has one window , also with a front porch.
    USE the good china , use the dining room , if not every night , at least on Sundays.. esp when the kids bring home grandkids someday, sooner then you think :-)

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