Master Bath

Master Bath

Well, when the master bedroom underwent a makeover (you can see that here), I naturally had to continue on into the master bath!!! (Don’t we all??!!)

One thing you need to understand about the master bath….every wall had wallpaper on it!  So, I took to the task of stripping all that paper down only to find unfinished walls underneath!!! YAH!!!  Not fun!!!  Very time-consuming, messy and, of course, uneven walls!


Of course, by this time, I realized I had to keep going!!! No turning back!!!  I was scared to death but that never stops me!! LOL!!

After a TON of sanding and filling in holes, I was ready to paint!


Once the painting was done, I was so excited, I didn’t take any pictures!  I wanted to move onto the stenciling!!  I did find one…..


Of course, though, at this phase I also decided I wanted to paint the cabinets.  They were originally a cherry wood and it just didn’t go with my color scheme.  I decided to go a light cream….


I still wasn’t convinced but decided to move onto the stenciling.  Maybe it would all “come together”!




I absolutely love this trellis stencil from Royal Design!

But, after the stenciling was complete… still wasn’t right.  It didn’t have the “wow” factor I wanted!  My daughter kept telling me to paint my cabinet black!  I was scared….BLACK….!







 She was right!  It’s exactly what it needed and I absolutely LOVE it!

 After adding new drawer pulls, it was time for my favorite part……







Whew!  After all that work, I think it’s time for a soak in the tub!!  I’d love to hear what you think!!!




  1. Oh, Angela! Your fear of painting your vanity sounds just like me. I want it either espresso brown, black, or white streaked with pecan. And I really do want rid of the wallpaper, too.

    • Oh Helen! I swear I go thru a panic attack or two before I make a decision but I always tell myself “it’s only paint”! LOL!! I’m a wallpaper lover but taking it down can be a “difficult” job! Hence, I’m a new lover of stencil!! Good luck!

  2. Love the zebra print on the chair combined with the vanity and stencils.

  3. Girl, you will be my idol forever! I can’t believe you took on such a project. Love the bedroom and bath!

    • I’m telling you, I was panicked!! But, I had to go on!!! I love these types of challenges though, it tests us!! You can do it!!! I must admit though, I kept telling myself….I may have to tell Mike “we have to hire a pro”!!! LOL!!


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