Master Bedroom Facelift

Master Bedroom Facelift

Our master bedroom underwent a “facelift” this past summer.  Now… all have to try to vision the old room……Pepto Bismol pink!!!  I kid you not!!!! That’s the color it was when we moved in and I tried to soften it by applying a white wash over the top.  Honestly, it was not bad then and we actually lived with it for 8 years (yes, my dear hubby is a SAINT!)

However, the time finally came for a change!

When I expressed my desire to my dear hubby, he just said “do what you want!”….OMG!!  Are there any better words coming from our significant other than that when we want to make a major change??!!!  Yes, he really is a SAINT!!

Now the big dilemma……what am I going to do???  I was happy with my bedding and was not ready to change it yet.  It’s very simple.  Living in South Texas, we don’t need a lot of covers, even in the winter, and, quite honestly, I didn’t want to spend the money on duvets, comforters, bedspreads….whatever!!!

I wanted to try to keep it gender neutral but with a cottage, shabby chic, romantic kinda vibe.  I went with a warm tan (Dapper Tan-Lowes) and I’m so thrilled!  (I must insert here that I am a LOVER of COLOR)  Just look at my house!  I don’t think there is one white wall except in a closet so tan was a big step for me!  It is so calming!! After the walls were painted, though, I felt it still needed something to POP!

I’m also a lover of wallpaper but honestly, it’s a lot of work and I wanted something different.


Have you discovered it yet?  It’s absolutely the best thing since sliced bread for me!  Now, I’m not talking about the old-fashioned type stenciling of the 80’s.  I’m talking about all over wall that, when finished, looks like wallpaper for a fraction of the cost (LOVE THAT!).  In my opinion, it’s easier than wallpaper, too!  You just need a little patience!

So, without further ado…..(am I a blabber, or what??!!)!!!!

Our room prior to the stenciling…..


not bad…..but then it looked like this…..



NOTE:  Since this post was written, the bedroom has taken on a new look……

masterbedroom#2 masterbedroom#3

What a difference, right?!!!  I LOVE IT!!!

It really grounded the room and made the perfect focal wall!

This is the Moorish Trellis stencil from Royal Design Studio……check em out!

So, if you’re looking for something fun and easy with instant gratification, try stenciling!!

I loved it so much, I took the stencil into my master bath…..but that’s a WHOLE other post!!! LOL!!  Until we meet again……happy stenciling!!

 photo CF0F4A3E31DB304F4F2B737336B87739_zpsf1d062aa.png

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  1. The stencils look great! I’m not sure I would have the patience for that—lol.

  2. Really digging the stencil and the color choice! It reminds me of a swanky hotel/bed and breakfast.


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