Discreetly Loved

Discreetly Loved

I’ve never really decorated much for Valentine’s day. I’m not sure why….the good Lord knows I LOVE decorating for the holidays, but I guess after all the hustle and bustle….I’ve always been ready to slow down.  The main reason, though, is I find my house difficult to decorate for Valentines Day.  I browse (scour) through blogs showing fabulous hand-made decorations with fabulous colors but that’s just not my thing. Don’t get me wrong…..I love looking at what other bloggers are creating and I often say to myself “I wish I could do that but it just wouldn’t look good with my decor”.  Do you ever have that problem?

There are some days where I just wish I could “revamp” everything and start from fresh but Lord knows, that’s not an option.  Besides, I really do love my home…..I just need to work with what I have.

So, this year I decided to plunge into the Valentine spirit but subtly.  Little touches here and there….discrete but noticeable….and I like it.  It’s more me.  What a relief when I finally allowed myself to not worry about changing everything in every room (like I tend to do at Christmas!)!!  It “freed” me in a way….BUT, I’m still always on the lookout for something new to add to the collection!! LOL!!  (Aren’t we all??)

So, here’s a look at what I came up with this year….again, nothing fancy….I’ll leave that to my dreams and I’ll get my fill drooling over other blogs!!!

Little touches in the kitchen…


A precious little cherub (found at The Dollar Store), a heart plate, and some potpourri in an antique heart-shaped jelly compote!



Heart picks (from The Dollar Store) and some after Christmas “XO’s” found at Michael’s!


An old brass champagne bucket with some after Christmas feather picks gotten for a “steal” along with some martini glasses filled with Dollar Store hearts. The “LOVE” light is a Home Goods find…..love that store!!


My kitchen island (actually an old cupboard bought at an auction) dressed with my favorite white pitcher filled with Christmas greenery (I just added some more Dollar Store picks!)…My vintage looking spoon is normally filled with appropriate candies for the season but my husband has “sticky fingers” when it comes to M&M’s and that’s all that’s left!!!



Bathroom “touches”….


Another one of those cute cherubs I picked up at The Dollar Store (I think I’m going back to get more!)



Living Room….


Very simple but just enough!







 photo CF0F4A3E31DB304F4F2B737336B87739_zpsf1d062aa.png


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